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Power Toppler - A Game by Any Other Name Remains the Same

By name alone Power Toppler might make you think of Topple or Tower Bloxx, but make no mistake, Power Toppler isn’t even similar. On the heels of the release of the original version, Tower Toppler, into the Wii’s virtual console, Power Toppler is a remake of the 80’s game, also known as Nebulus and Castelian, now available in the App Store from Silver Software.

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iBlues for When Your Woman and Dog Leave You

I play iBlues because my woman done me wrong, my dog left me and if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all. iBlues, from developer Surich Technologies, is a virtual blues harmonica.

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Whiteboard is for People Who Prefer to Show Than Tell

Whiteboard developer, Sven Resch, took me on a virtual tour of his app the other day and I came away impressed with Whiteboard's features and its potential as a collaboration tool. Logicopolis Technology, Resch’s company, set Whiteboard 1.0.1 loose in the App Store at the end of April.

Nebula - Relax with Fractals is Lost in SpaceNebula – Relax with Fractals

What are fractals? I have no idea. Are they be relaxing? Nebula - Relax with Fractals proves that they are. It has been about twenty years since my last math or physics class, so I looked up fractals on the web.

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Ouch! is Fun to Play, but Even More Fun to Set Up

Hondune Games' Ouch! is a combination of merriment and masochism featuring a customizable "rag doll" character to be abused in a multitude of scenes and scenarios with realistic physics and sounds.

Simulate a Shuttle Launch with VoiceCount

VoiceCount by Solnet Solutions Ltd. is a countdown timer for your iPhone or iPod touch (2nd generation only). There’s not a lot to say in regards to an explanation of what VoiceCount does.

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Camera Zoom Is A Step In The Right Direction For Taking iPhone Pictures

Camera Zoom - Along with probably every other iPhone owner in the world, I’ve always been frustrated with the native iPhone camera. Sure, it takes a decent photo at close range if the light is good and if you hold the phone perfectly still, but beyond that, not so much. For the Twitter-obsessed like myself, for instance, who might want to TwitPic a concert shot, you’re pretty much out of luck if you’re not in the front row.

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Today in History Explorer Cabral Discovered Brazil and It's a Holiday

On Apr. 22, 1500,  explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral first laid eyes on Brazil. I just learned this last week from Today in History, from developer Down-Shift. There’s no mystery about Today in History iPhone app.

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Coupon Sherpa Is Here To Help You Save

The old saying goes "you have to spend money to make money." With Coupon Sherpa, you have to spend money to save money, it's up to you to decide whether the $1.99 price tag is worth it. My guess?

Undercover Discovers Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

iPhone gone missing? Time to go Undercover from Orbicule BVBA to locate it. Here’s how Undercover works: Using either cell tower triangulation or GPS, you can figure out where your device is in the event that it’s lost of stolen.

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Math Attack is Fun, but Doesn't Quite Add Up

Math Attack - I have a bit of experience when it comes to incorporating technology and learning, but I will refrain from giving you my resume and simply say that I appreciate games that attempt to make learning fun.

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SmackTalk! The Adorable Prank App

Ten year olds around the world will unite and eternally prank each other and drive their care takers insane once they discover SmackTalk! Smack Talk is a voice altering app developed by Marcus Satelllite for the iPhone. Never again will you have to inhale one of those party balloons to get that squeaky voice to entertain them. SmackTalk! does it all for you.

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Shopper Takes Your Grocery List Digital

Shopper - While I generally love to shop, I have to say, I hate making lists. I just do. I like to feel spontaneous and unfettered, and lists of any kind are generally the antithesis of that.

iQuarterback Goes Deep And Scores

The iQuarterback iPhone app by FuzzyCube Software LLC puts the football in your hands before, during and after the season. For the football junkie that goes into a state of depression right after the clock runs out on the Pro Bowl, finding something to help wile away the off season months has been a daunting task over the years.

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Bowman Is An Enjoyable Work In Progress

Lentrica Software’s debut iPhone application is Bowman, a quick-hitting game that is all about playing up the one-on-one archery duel. In terms of its origin, Bowman is a port of a popular game available on several flash gaming portals.