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Doodle Jump Entertains By Leaps and Bounds

Doodle Jump by Lima Sky appeals to simplicity in name, game design and play. Mimicking the appearance of actual doodles on graphing paper, the sketchy-sketch of a main character dons a suspiciously Qbert-like facade.

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StuntCopter Perfectly Ports a 22-Year-Old Game to the iOS Platform

The latest case of a highly regarded classic being reborn comes from independent developer nerdgames. In their debut application for the iPhone, they are bringing back StuntCopter developed by the late Duane Blehm.

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myBooks Tracks Your Reads, but Not as Well as Similar Apps

Netwalk's myBooks is a database for your personal library. You can enter the name of the book manually, by typing information into the provided fields (year, genre, purchased, whether you loaned it to a friend) or you can search for the title on the Internet and select the book you own from a list.

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Spell Checker for Quick Look-Up of Words on the Go

Concrete Software's Spell Checker is a competent app but it may not think fast enough to win the Great American Spelling Bee. I prefer to use a dictionary app when I want to check the spelling of a word.

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Mini Golf Ace is 3D Putt Putt for Your Phone

Mini Golf Ace - Once in a while, an app comes to my attention that no matter how many times I use it, play it, or share it, I am undecided about it for quite some time. Mini Golf Ace is one of those apps.

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Oh, You Sexy Bees! iSprout is a Good-Looking Puzzle Game

iSprout - Most of the time, when I download a game for my iPhone, I'm hoping it will be two things: First, I want it to be fun to play (duh!). Second, I want it to be pretty (or at least aesthetically pleasing), because I'm a total girl and I care about that kind of thing.

Buy Cronk: Action Puzzle on the App Store

Help Cronk the Cave Man Save His Village in this Engaging Match-Three Game for iPhone

Cronk combines elements of bubble pop shooters, match-three puzzles and Centipede-like arcade action. There's a little something for everyone and I'm sure quite a few people will like playing it.

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My Little Eye is Practice in the Powers of Observation

Heads Up Software's My Little Eye is "Where's Waldo?" for the iPhone and iPod touch. My Little Eye is populated with 11 photographic images and the task is to find 15 to 23 objects that accompany each image.

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Save Cows from Alien Abduction with Udder Chaos

Prepare to save your cows from alien abduction in the zany, but flawed, game Udder Chaos by Vincent Nguyen. Udder Chaos is a fun and simple app that is good for killing a few minutes of your time.

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Love Crush: She Loves it, She Loves it Not

Love Crush - When is the last time that you plucked the petals off a flower one by one, reciting aloud, “she/he loves me, she/he loves me not?” Back in the day, I used a real flower, complete with real petals.

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Monster Trucks Never Quite Gets into Gear

Every day is Sunday with Monster Trucks Nitro from RedLynx. I'm assuming everyone must have seen the "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" TV commercials used to promote Monster Truck events. The virtual game Monster Trucks Nitro requires you to run over wrecked buses, leap chasms, time your jumps to hit ramps at the right angle — even do five loopdeloops perfectly to beat one of the highest levels.

STICKi PICi Purikura: Give Your Photos a Little Extra Sparkle

AppCraver readers, we're friends, right? I feel comfortable with you, like I can tell you things. I feel okay admitting that the teenage girl living inside of me is super happy about STICKi PICi Purikura.

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IPark Gets You Back to Where You Started

Do ever wish there was an iPhone app to help you remember something you always forget? IPark is a parking utility app that helps you keep track of your vehicle. It will get you there from any location as long as you’ve marked your car. Just follow the IPark compass back to your car.

Buy River Cross Logic Puzzle Game on the App Store

Sink or Swim with River Cross Logic Puzzle Game

River Cross Logic Puzzle Game will seem familiar to you if you liked to solve logic games in your youth. Developed by Taylor Steil, River Cross offers you four classic logic puzzles, reminiscent of those you did in elementary school, except back then most of us had pens and paper, not iPhones.

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TouchSports Tennis '09: Game, Set, Match

If you’d like a to get in a quick set of tennis and wish to do it without all the sweating and running around the court, then the TouchSports Tennis '09 iPhone app by Handheld Games Corp may be the just lack of exercise you crave.