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Buy Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children on the App Store

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is the type of game you open just to mess with for a few minutes...and look up an hour later wondering what happened. At least, that's how it's been for me.

Buy Byki Spanish on the App Store

Learn Byki Spanish Using Time-Tested Flash Card Method

Transparent Language's Byki Spanish is based on the flash card teaching method and it works well for this purpose.

Buy iAmHappy on the App Store

iAmHappy Has 500 Reasons to Feel Good About Yourself

If you believe in the power of positive thinking, your daily inspiration may now be more than just a small pocket book of quotes. iAmHappy is a new lifestyle app that aims to keep you in high spirits. iAmHappy has over 500 positive affirmations along with more than 100 relaxing images and backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy Textropolis on the App Store

Build Cities as You Build Words with Textropolis

Textropolis is a text twisting game for the iPhone that lets you vicariously travel the world, if cartoon buildings and faceless people represent the world. Like Chicktionary and Word Warp, the object of this app is to form new words from the letters of one big word.

Buy Photo Spot on the App Store

Photo Spot: Photo Matching Game Finds the Top

If you’ve ever played an old photo hunt game in a bar, pool hall or bowling alley you know they can be terribly addictive. With Photo Spot, Nexx Studio puts that fun right in the palm of your hands. Photo Spot is a puzzle game that challenges your ability to spot the differences in 2 photos. It’s a race against time to figure out what’s different so you can move on to the next level.

Buy Ringtone Recorder Unlimited FREE Ringtones on the App Store

Ringtone Recorder: Make It Personal

Ringtone Recorder - While the iPhone offers numerous features and customization options, most ringtones (officially-sanctioned ones, at any rate) have been limited to songs purchased in the iTunes store which are enabled to be used as ringtones.

Buy Fast Five the Movie: Official Game on the App Store

Fast and Furious: Pink Slip Is A Safe Gamble

Fast and Furious: Pink Slip - One of my most anticipated movies of the year is coming out next month, "Fast & Furious.” It’s the fourth entry in the high octane film series, but this particular release marks the return of all of the major actors from the first film.

Buy The Huffington Post on the App Store

HuffingtonPost.com Joins the Growing List of News Apps

Add the Huffington Post to the growing list of free newsreader apps. The HuffingtonPost.com iPhone app is similar in many ways to the other news apps I've looked at including the New York Times, Mobile News Network Powered by AP and USA Today.

Buy InerTrak on the App Store

InerTrak Marks Time for Freelancers and Solo Workers

Inertron Software's InerTrak is designed for freelancers and others who work solo and who need to track their clients, the number of hours they devote to a project and calculate how much they're owed based on their hourly rates.

Buy Arcade Bowling™ on the App Store

Old School Arcade Bowling is Skeeball for the iPhone

Remember that gorgeous, graceful teenage girl, gliding around on roller skates at the old fashioned rink and arcade. That wasn't me. I was clinging to stationary objects, seconds from peril with every move.

Buy Baseball Superstars® Pro on the App Store

Baseball Superstars Pro is in a League of its Own

I am not the world’s biggest sports game fan. I have my favorites, like Mario Super Sluggers, but I don’t visit them very often. One of the reasons I don’t care to play them is the complex button pushing, but it wouldn’t really be fair to compare an iPhone app to a console game.

Buy Silly Songz on the App Store

Silly Songz Puts Audio File Greetings at Your Fingertip

Silly Songz is a new app for the iPhone that allows users to select and send an original pre-recorded song as an electronic greeting that can also be customized with a 15-second recorded message of your own.

Buy Hide a Caller on the App Store

Be Discreet About Your Contacts with Hide-A-Caller

I get it. Sometimes people need to be discreet when it comes to the contacts in their iPhones. Hide-a-Caller delivers what it promises: fake aliases for the names you want to hide. Hide-a-Caller from Smash Software is great in theory, and it is free.

Buy Jiyuka - Zen Flower Art on the App Store

Jiyuka: Say It With Flowers

Jiyuka - Sometimes, nature and technology are just not meant to collide. However, at other times, the result can be quite beautiful. Jiyuka, created by Wolfgang Steiner, is described on iTunes as "a modern form of Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement." And, well, that is what Jiyuka is.

FCTasks by Franklin Covey Good, Not Great

FCTasks by Franklin Covey FCmobilelife is another in a long list of task management apps that is likely to get attention by brand recognition alone. Using the popular ABC-123 method of prioritization, FCTasks allows users to employ various methods of tracking and organizing their to-do lists and includes the ability to track due dates, edit and sort tasks, and change task views, as well as assign customized categories and notes.