Pre-order Day for iPhone 4: What You Need to Know


iPhone4If the iPhone 4 unveiling at WWDC had you clamoring for the latest model, then today is a happy one indeed. The black model iPhone 4 can be pre-ordered beginning today directly through Apple and AT&T (the white model is listed as unavailable for pre-order). The newest iPhone is then available for in-store pickup or shipment June 24.

AT&T opened up its upgrade policy to allow anyone eligible for a discounted phone in 2010 to upgrade with a new two-year contract. So many iPhone customers will be able to get their hands on the white or black 16 GB for $199 or 32 GB for $299.

Here is a roundup of the iPhone 4 features.

  • A high resolution screen Apple dubs a "retina display." The 960 by 460 backlit LCD screen is, according to Apple, the best mobile display available yet. At the WWDC keynote Jobs showed off a screen that has pixels reduced to such a small size they can not be seen by a human eye.
  • Jobs used his famous "one more thing" anecdote to introduce Face Time, the new iPhone's video chat feature. A front-facing camera  can be used for live video communication. The feature will currently only be available over Wi-Fi and works only on the iPhone 4.
  • HD video recording and editing. You can record video at 720p and edit it right on the iPhone 4 with an iPhone-optimized version of iMovie (this app will cost $4.99).
  • A 5 megapixel camera with improved zoom controls and an LED flash. Apple argued that instead of bumping up to eight megapixels or more, the better option was to focus on low-light photography.
  • The newest version of the iPhone OS (renamed iOS) will come preloaded on iPhone 4. The new OS includes multitasking, the ability to customize wallpapers, folders for greater app organization, and zippier performance. Those with an iPhone 3GS will be able to download the new OS and get all the features (except video chat). Those with an iPhone 3G will also be able to load it on their phone, however multitasking will not be enabled. If you have an original iPhone, you are out of luck (but isn't it time to upgrade anyway?)

The iPhone 4 becomes available June 24, so expect another day of wild lines and all-night camp-outs at Apple Stores. If spending the night on the sidewalk with other geeks is not your thing, then preordering may be your best option. Grab your credit card and hit up the Apple Store. You can have the new iPhone delivered directly to you or picked up at a retail store.

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  • MasterPM

    Pre-order Day for iPhone 4: What You Need to Know

  • Kara

    Pre-order Day for iPhone 4: What You Need to Know

  • Kris

    It's going to be quite the event - already they had some problems with the online ordering, likely due to overwhelming demand.

    Someone will have to design an app for tracking line wait times on June 24th! I can see it now - "network with your friends, download apps, browse the net - all while waiting in line for your iPhone 4"