Top 10 iPhone Complaints: Consumers Most Interested in Basic Phone Functions


iPhone Complaints - It's been 16 months since the original iPhone was released. With its sleek design and impressive gadgetry the iPhone has been a consumer hit and a commercial success — in spite of its high price tag and mandatory two-year wireless commitment with AT&T. As the honeymoon comes to an end, even enthusiasts are groaning over what some critics call an apparent lack of detail and disclosure in a rushed to market device. Scouring the web, and streets, malls and restaurants here in Los Angeles we’ve been able to come up with the top 10 iPhone complaints. Some of which you may have known and others that might surprise you.

Most iPhone users appear to be genuinely happy with their phone for the most part. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement especially as it relates to functions users expect from their cell phone: connectivity, battery time, chatting/texting and replacement programs.

Among the top iPhone complaints among current users is the amount of dropped calls and poor reception. Neither AT&T nor Apple are taking responsibility or pointing the finger. Many iPhone users also expressed their discontent with the battery life and begrudged the fact that it’s not removable. Some of the applications and features that the phone uses drain the battery quickly. Last September, Apple issued its iPhone 2.1 software update aimed at reducing the amount of dropped calls and improving battery life.

Apple’s iPhone 3G was released last July and sold more than a million units during the first weekend. It continues to feel the wrath of angry users on message boards and discussion forums. The iPhone uses AT&T’s 3G network when it’s in a 3G-rich location and is supposed to automatically switch to its slower EDGE network when the 3G signal gets low. Sometimes, there is a lag or a delay in that jump causing spotty service or dropped calls.

Next, Apple enthusiasts were disappointed with the phone replacement program. AT&T does not offer insurance on the handset. Apple asks that users bring their handsets to the Apple Store or send them off where they are covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Users do have the option of signing up for the two year Apple Care plan but at a cost of $79.

Apple loyalists consistently complain about the lack of the iChat program that many use on their Macs. Third party iPhone applications like Fring already offer ways to chat using AIM, MSN, and Yahoo, but even though users have been asking for it since the beginning still no iChat.

Next on the list of iPhone complaints, more gripes that Apple could resolve with software updates or third party applications. Issues like the lack of a cut and paste function, flash support, or video recording frustrate a lot of users. People are also a bit perturbed that they couldn’t tilt the keyboard sideways to use the landscape view for easier typing when emailing or texting (this has been solved by Big Keyboard Email). Users also expressed disappointment in the fact that users can't forward a text — something that seems like a fairly simple function.

There is no doubt in our minds that Apple is already aware of these complaints and will likely resolve them — eventually — with future software updates or newer models of the handset.

Here’s our condensed list of Top 10 iPhone Complaints.

1. Dropped Calls/Reception

2. Battery Life- No removable battery

3. Inconsistent internet speeds

4. Disappointment with the Apple replacement program

5. No iChat program

6. Not good for business users- No ability to cut and paste or edit MS Office documents

7. No ability to tilt phone during emails or use the keyboard sideways

8. Flash support

9. No video recording

10. Text issues- No picture messaging or forwarding

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  • DexMex77892

    I can't get my backlight to work no matter what I do. Does anyone have any possible solutions or explanations?

  • design

    I love my Iphone and never had a problem.

  • Neal Hamou

    Don't forget the white screen of death or apps randomly closing.

  • Abs

    For the past 2 months I am not getting service on my o2 Apple iphone. I have changed my phone and SIM card but the same problem prevails .

    Plase check details with Customer service team below and namely -

    Jeniffer Johnson Customer service and her boss David Remage Customer service o2

    I get and loose connectivity radomly for the past whole months . Every night the connectivity drops and every morning the apple iphone asks me to connect to itunes to restart the phone. I have never seen a service provider who sells a service which works so badly . I think it would be wrong to say that as it simply does not work .I am paying 45 £ / month of hard money for nothing in return .Hence I feel the contract between me and 02 is void . I am happy to return my phone but i want to cancel my contract with o2

    Just to give you an example i just returned home from outside BS3 2SX and the phone is sayinf NO SERVICE . I am now used to it and not surprised at all.

    Please advise further steps to cancel the contract as i need to move to another service provider!



  • TZ

    2.2 seems to have solved the random disconnect problem. My biggest complain right now is the inability to delete multiple emails easily. The email application is nearly useless for that and a few more reasons. Of course, I'd like to have MMS, video recording, etc., etc.!

  • Michael

    I will NEVER purchase a I-phone until AT&T is no longer the service provider.
    What good is the phone when you can not get a decent mobile connection? AT&T customer service? Apple quality and service does not match AT&T.

  • Cmonapple

    I agree that AT&T does not match the quality of Apple. I was suprised to hear Apple had gone with them as a provider. I have the new update on my iPhone 3g and it often kicks me off of the Internet. When on Facebook etc, the phone goes to a black screen and then goes back to the Main menu. Requiring me to re-open and log in again. Very frustrating, I've come close to chucking this phone against a wall. And what's up with retrieving picture messages? Forget about it!! Come on apple/AT&T! Seems like you guys took a few step backwards on some of the most used/simple applications. I would like to be able to just open/forward a picture message like any other text only message instead of trying to log in with a different passcode for every single message. Then the picture message expires and you're forced to flip back and try to remember username/passcode again.simple? I think not. Another complaint is that the actual text message pops up on your screen for everyone near to see. What happens when your girl texts you something mushy and all your buddies can read it?! I do like the phone but am suprised at some of the simple things aren't made so simple. Sorry to complain but I just had to vent!

  • jim stout

    my g3 freezes up consistently. it is down more than up. i took it to apple they reloaded the software. it did not help. i took it to att they said it was the software. i got so mad i threw it on the ground and shattered the screen. i asked to buy a replacement and they would only sell me a 500 dollar phone because my two year contract was not up and they had to sell it retail. there is something wrong with this picture. they sold me a lemon phone to begin with. everyone i know who has this model phone has the same problem. does anyone else have this same problem? and what can be done about it?

  • Jimmy Barlow

    I will keep it short and not so sweet.The iphone is the biggest waste of money i have ever spent.My old phone($55) can do more,doesn't hang up on people,call people randomly when i am talking on it,trust me i could go on and on.AT&t and apple should honestly be ashamed of the product they put out!I guess when you offer no insurance you know it is going to completely suck,which it does!I mean it's like selling a computer without the keyboard.I have told every person i encounter, friend or not, to not even think about getting one pieces of shi*!Oh wait, i forgot you can get on the inernet....wait i am on the internet and can, like almost anyone in the civilized world can be!I can go on and on but if you read this PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE!!!!!

  • Lost customer

    I loved my iPhone but coming from a blackberry, I had the same complaints. No ability to copy/paste, a horrible camera with no flash and most recently, the lack of an Apple replacement program. Remember, accidents happen all the time and both Apple and AT&T refuse to fix or replace your iPhone if anything happens to it. $1500 later, my display screen cracked and Apple simply told me to buy another one (and I have a warranty with 92 days left but not for things considered "accidents"). The worst investment ever. I am highly dissapointed in AT&T and Apple.

  • Michael

    Apple doesn't like to hear about AT&T problems. Not in their forums. No wonder. AT&T service in downtown New York is terrible. No 3g. No E. Slow. Dropped calls. No calls. Delayed messages. A typical iPhone day. I'm stuck in two year contract. I used to recommend iPhone. Now I warn people off it unless they're after a toy.

  • John

    I have a 1st generation iphone (4gb) with a dead band on the bottom of the touch screen. Basically all the buttons on the bottom (phone, safari, ipod, mail) won't work. Apple is claiming that article TS1827 people is only for a specific serial # range and my phone is not within that range. The article itself doesn’t specify a serial # range. Even so, why should my phone be refused service based on the serial # range when this is a documented problem with the hardware? Apple has clearly set a precedent by replacing other defective units and no explanation is give as to why my phone is not eligible

    Now here is where the issue is compounded, the first person I talked to said that Apple would waive the fee and replace the phone but he had to pass me off to technical support to process the replacement. When they passed me off to tech support said he won't do it even though customer service said they would. After a 20 minute discussion he hung up on me. How can Apple agree to waive the fee and then go back on that promise?

    I called back today and spoke with a different person with similar results. He said if the original conversation was documented he would honor the request but since it didn't list this under my case notes, he won't. After a bit of arguing (although I was polite and didn't raise my voice) he said that "maybe the iphone isn't for me". He went on to asked me if I had a “job” and that I should develop a “hobby” since he implied I didn’t. In this economic crisis Apple has the nerve to make a comment like that?

  • Bec

    The iPhone is the worst piece of equipment I have ever owned and I am really annoyed at the lack of service and support from both Apple and my service provider. Aside from the obvious lack of features including no picture messaging, no text forwarding and no display of calender notes on the face - I'm sure I'm not the only one frustrated with it's poor operations.

    These are my top gripes;
    - it freezes sometimes mid text or sometimes when it;s not being used. You have to wait for it to switch itself off then you are unable to switch it back on again. I have been told to "reset" it by pressing the on button and navigate button simultaneously and to "deal with it". This happens at least once a week and I am not a high volume user.
    - it requently cuts out mid conversation. Often accompanied by freezing and neither my service provider or Apple will take responsibility. Perhaps big brother has limited us to 2.6 minute phone calls each?
    - it sometimes fails to notify you of incoming calls or text messages or notifies you of a text that isn't there

    I understand that with a new product there are always glitches and realisations that improvements can by made. But in order for this to happen someone has to admit they're at fault. So please, Apple, do yourself a favour and "serve" the customers that support you because at this point I wouldn't recommend an iPhone to anyone.

  • Sean

    On my second Iphone, why why why I ask myself did I ever get a second one. The first one I broke myself. Dropped it. Iphone NOT recommended for the clumsy. Anyway got another one. It is two month old and in for repair and today I get a call to say SORRY cant fix it under warranty as it has been water damaged. I live in Australia and we are in drought. NO rain for months. I don't bring my phone into the shower with me and my iphone has never even had a bead of sweat dropped onto it so how can it be water damaged. Guess what ! I wont be buying a third Iphone.

  • Carol

    I bought an iPhone about 6 weeks ago. Of course my 30 days are up with AT&T so I can't return it. It drops calls all the time. The people I have dealt with at the Lynnwood, Washington Apple Store are arogant, rude, snobs. They tell me there is nothing wrong with my phone. This is my first and last Apple purchase. All they want is your money, then they don't care what happens to you. VERY poor customer service! I would recommend that no one buy and Apple products.

  • Hugo Reynolds

    i bought an apple iphone 3g in march and by the end of may it started to turn for the worst. in the top rleft corner it said "No Service" so i searched the web for a fix and all people was telling me was to wait for the new firmware at the end of the next month. finally 3.0 was released, i updated to find the no service problem had gone but i had no bars, not one or 2 i mean none all day every day, so i took it in store and they said it is still in warranty it can be sent for repair for free and i should have it back in less than 2 weeks, 2 weeks went by and no call, so i went in store and they said we just got an email from the repairs agent and it is water damage :S how the hell that can cause no service is beyond me. to add to this it has cost me £139.00 to repair it even though the warranty stands. i got told they would not fix it but sent out a brand new phone and that would return in less than 4 days. 6 days has passed now with my persistent store visits and endless calls to them and still not back. i told them i have gone nearly a month without a phone and i need it for work plus i am traveling on the monday (which is today) for work and will deffinetly need it by then, she gave me her word and guarantee that i would have it before 11am on the monday, i pursponed my trip by 4 hours so i could get in store only to hear her tell me its not back it might be on the 2nd delivery around 2pm. personally i think this is ridiculous and so un-organised. if anyone has any details of a contact number so i can make a direct complaint that would be greatly appreciated. if anyone else has suffered this problem please talk to me i need someone to share my anger with.

  • RippedoffbyJobs

    it is frustrating as a Canadian, that you cannot buy apps with the $25-$50 gift cards. Yet I can buy their music with one. You need a credit card up here to buy Apps. Fucking Bullshit!!!

  • Rick

    DROPPED CALLS ARE AN AT&T PROBLEM (not an IPhone one) so

    This is the only way they will ever take the customer seriously.
    I called AT&T about their poor service. The rep said that I should have called at the time the call failed rather than compiling a detailed list for them. Okay........ He suggested I switch which, of course, we will when there is another iPhone provider. But for now - I have a better idea. Let's hold them to their agreement. CALL AT&T AND ASK FOR REFUNDS AND CALL CREDITS.

    AT&T HAS BENEFITTED FROM THE IPHONE but they have not lived up to their part.
    Don't confuse dropped, failed calls and garbled or missing voice messages with Apple. This is caused by AT&T system. The iPhone is built better than any phone out there.

  • chloe

    my i phone has been deleting text messages, clearing the entire inbox randomly?...

    anyone know whats wrong??

  • Mike

    I live in Seattle and because of these commenst and many other like them, MANY! I have decided to continue my happy stay with Verizon. Never a dropped call or problem, ever! Super strong and clear network. Sure no iphone, which is a bummer, but I just got the EnV Touch which is pretty sweet. 3G Rev A full html browsing, flash support, two 3" screens(one touch) one qwerty tactile, removable micro sd cards up to 16gb, no forced data plan. Only 15 a month for unlimited data month to month. 3.2 mega camera with flash. Its better than my friends iphone. It just doesnt have the apps. Oh well. Plus rumors abound iphone coming to verizon before 2011.

  • dustin

    iphone sucks mine actually dropped over 25 calls in a row answered one then dropped ten more. i wish someone would take the blame since i sat on the phone with atat for 40 minutes today and they acted like they had no clue

  • Kay

    Why does ATT try and charge me a 500 deposit fee? I am a returning custumore with no debt. WHAT THE HECK!?!?

  • Philip

    I was given a 3G model for my birthday, and have only had the phone for three months. In that period of time, my 3G has crashed intermitily, frozen, or stopped working. This week, the phone completely crashed, resulting in me re-loading the software not once, but THREE times. Finally, the touch screen keyboard started seizing up. To make matters worst, it is entirely impossible to find an appointment, which is apprently required to EVEN get the phone looked at. At this point in time, I have no other choice but to obtain a GO phone and use that model until I am able to get an appointment (am a college student in College Station Tx), since I live too far away from an offical iPhone repair center. Word of advice, if you are looking for a phone for bussiness and strickly functional means, DO not get the IPhone. Not only do the phones themselves give you trouble, but Apple customer support is terrible and ineffiencient, keeping only to a set script over the phone. If your over-the-phone advice expires in the 90 day limit, then your only opition is to drive to the nearest approved IPhone store, provided you can get an appointment. Otherwise, like me, you can just accept the fact that Apple and AT&T do not care whether you have cell phone service or not (as long as they get their precious money).

  • James Bill

    mine seems to work just fine

  • Paul van der Merwe

    All you guys must wake up and realize that apple is useless. I had a brick each time i "updated" my i-phone. This last time was just once too much. I trashed my stupid i-phone and will never, never again buy anything made by apple. I have been taken for a ride by apple, but never again!!!

  • Dereck

    I have an iPhone and the same complaints that go with it. My phone will suddenly decide that I should not use it anymore and disconnect itself without any notification. This is really fun considering it gives no warning and I have to restart my phone about 20 times a day and then get flooded with e-mails and txt messages. I'm looking forward to the day I miiss an important phone call because AT&T and Apple simply just don't care. Keep in mind I'm not even a month into my 2 year contract. They should make an app that each time your bill is due it will say, you have just been F%$^ by Apple and thanks for your money, MORON! I've also read that they plan on asking people to stop using the data as much (seeing as how we pay for unlimited) because it slows down their network. I'm shocked a company can sell such a shoddy product with a worthless network for such an insane price. I'm locked into this crappy phone for two years now and pay over $100 per month. Be nice the next time a greedy corporation rapes me they could at least give me a reach around. Feeling used and abused by Apple and AT&T. NEVER BUY AN iPHONE!!!

  • Jennifer

    I was considering iphone but now I will investigate more. What shit to have to put up with a phone. Land lines RETURN!!!

  • Raymond Sweeney

    Why must i read 92 pages of agreement to buy a 10 dollar weather radar app? I canceled it.Why would anyone read that many pages?

  • Ginny

    APPLE refuses to honor my $79. 2 year insurance policy (can't find it on my account) & I was told that I would be reimbused for the insurance policy even if I found it on my credit card. Just an excuse, APPLE never intended on fixing my IPHONE. Going to FCC.

  • steve scott

    I have never owned any apple product before the company that I work for decided to purchase Iphones, complete with unlimited internet. After 6 months I must say that I will NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING WITH THAT PIECE OF CRAP BITTEN FRUIT LOGO ON IT! I am on my third phone. I am extremely pleased that the pile o crap is free for me cause I woulda cramed it up someone arse if I had paid for the "cryphone". My first phone bit the dust after I sweat on the thing while hiking. The apple guys said it was "water damage" My I580 never had that problem?????. My current phone cant run ANY ap for more than a few minutes without the screen turning white and the whole damned phone locking up on me.. The phone DOESNT work more that it does work. It is a total junk pile. I depend on my phone and honestly...My life does depend on it from time to time......I have some pull with the IT guys and am going to recommend we switch from ATT and get some droids....or maybe even some tin cans with strings or maybe use smoke signals.... Gotta be more reliable the the crap phones. And you get service with smoke signals outside metro areas I would bet. One of the guys I work for said the iphone does everything, except make phone calls. Lucky him. Seems he got a good phone that doesnt crash everytime you try to text or take a photo. The only reason I am posting here is becuase I checked the Apple site and couldnt find any link where I could email this same complaint to them. THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR SERVICE! Maybe this way I can keep someone from buying one of these junk contraptions!!! Have a nice day people, and for gods sake be carefull out there cause if you have an Iphone you wont be able to call for help!!

  • philips

    my iphone is working well except if i shud top up my iphone,in the next 5 to 10 minutes all my top up would have been disapeard,can someone xplain better pls,or are we suppose to be paying for using an iphone too??????.lol

  • IS

    My wife and myself went to AT&T service for iPhone from Verizon service, it has been nothing but nightmare. Dropped calls, no calls, dead zones. My business depends upon my phone, all I can say is, I will pay for the cancelation cost and go back to the Verizon service. iPhone Steve Jobs et all can shove it.

  • Shawn

    I HAVE just changed from a Nokia X6 to an i phone 3g.
    On Nokia to solve this problem we click " delete all messages" jeez that was hard aye, its ridiculous to think an i phone has not an option that phones had like 5 years ago!.

    I have to say after years of using Nokias and being Nokia loyal ( which i still am) i decided to try out the enemies gadget.
    I kept and open mind but i was disappointed i find Apple i phones comparably far more restricted and controlled compared to the much more functional open Nokia Phones.
    It seems many small should be simple tasks are turned into headaches on i phones due to Apples control freak policies.
    Seriously, can you believe a company thats once flagship phone has not a delete all message button?
    Apple always puts its own selfish interests before millions of consumers, examples being, not allowing flash to be displayed ( i cant open my email account coz of this ) , restricting Bluetooth , not allowing open usb transfer mode , making batteries a nightmare to replace, and non standard connection ports.
    Im sorry Nokia has been making phones for donkeys years now , and i think they simply know how to make a ""phone""" to function as a phone better.
    Love you Nokia!

  • pissed off

    I am mad because you can't send pictures with text message. My wife tried numerous times to send me important pictures with a text message and all I got was the message. She sent a text and picture to my son's Android phone and low and behold he got both. I think Apple better redesign the IPhone, because it stinks worse than a sewer plant.

  • Reinaldo Gordon

    Every time I want to down load a app, it would ask me for my personal credit card info! Then when I put it in it tells me that it is incorrect. I would use another one and still the same thing. Also when I'm trying to log on to my g-mail it gives me a problem! I tryed using my yahoo mail and still the same problem! Please try to help me because I'm not comfortable with my credit card info roming around! Please contact me @ 917 559 1936

  • andy

    Every time I have a problem with my Iphone to the apple store. Yes Iphone are not perfect they have battery,software probem like any other phone. I have a very bad experence the last time I took one of my Iphone to the store. They toll that I tampered my phone. I will never buy another apple product again.

  • Williambrownfeather

    Thanks Apple for this new operating system, that we had no say so about, that lost all my contacts, thanks for being just like Obama, shoving crap down our throats, did you ever think that some people really liked the way their I phone worked, was the best phone I have ever owned, thanks for making the SOB so F%$king difficult to understand, I really wished you had taken this piece of shit operating system and sold it to the Iranian's instead of screwing me.

  • martin barry

    I will never own another IPhone. you restrict what I want on my phone. that's what governments do. I will be getting rid of this POS ASAP

  • martin barry

    I totally agree with you. its a communist company