iPhone Continues to Head Top of Charts


admob-logo-iphoneAdMob - iPhone mobile advertising traffic in the U.S. grew an average of 88 percent per month in the 5 months following the launch of Apple's App Store, according to the mobile ad marketplace’s latest AdMob Mobile Metrics Report for March. Keep in mind the data is only from AdMob’s mobile marketing network.

Fast-growing Android also did pretty well, at least in comparison to the rest of the smartphone field. AdMob says Android traffic in the US grew an average of 47 percent per month since it launched 5 months ago while.

iPhone, Blackberry Curve, and Blackberry Pearl lead the pack in that order. The HTC Dream (G1) generates 2 percent of its US requests and is now holds the fourth smartphone spot. Android growth accelerated after AdMob’s launch of ad units in apps at the end of January, which likely reflects strong consumer usage of applications on the Android platform.

android-vs-iphone-march-2009-admob-iphoneThe much faster iPhone growth is not surprising given the far larger installed base of iPhones and the huge marketing push from Apple. In March 2009, AdMob says, it received 8 times more traffic from iPhones in the U.S. than Android.  When you layer in the worldwide footprint, and the fact that the iPod touch is also in the mix, you can see how huge of a head start the iPhone platform has.

However, when you consider there are 1 to 2 million G1s sold in the U.S. compared to approximately 15 million of the iPhone sold in the U.S., the ratio makes sense.  As more Android phones launch around the world and the Android OS moves to other devices such as netbooks and Mobile Internet Devices, this gap is likely to close.

The early Android data from AdMob’s network suggests that the consumer appetite for apps is strong and a major factor in growth as more than half of AdMob’s requests from each platform come from applications. And these apps are not just games, but movie apps, sports apps, news apps, and more that are likely to replace some browser activities. This means that yes, application stores on other platforms can be successful, the company concludes.

You can download the full report on PDF from AdMob.

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