iPhone Developer Spotlight: Jason Petralia, people operating technology


jason-petraliaAppCraver recently spoke with Jason Petralia, CEO and Co-Founder of people operating technology. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch.

When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Did you have previous experience as a developer?

I personally started in April '09 and it has been a roller coaster ride since! That said, my partner and I have been waiting for something like the iPhone/Touch platform for about 10 years.

What / how many apps have you made so far?

Two are up in iTunes at the moment: Animal Fun Time and Magnetic Personalities. We've completed 3 more for a total of 5. Approval for the other 3 completed apps is expected this month. In addition, we are working on 9 more applications at the moment and plan on releasing 2 or more applications a month is all goes as planned. We are a publisher so the effort was far from just me!

What type of apps/games/software inspires you? Where do you get your ideas?

We brainstorm, people often come to us with ideas and we make them happen if well planned, unique or just better than what the market offers. We design and we keep learning more. I spent a solid week on pure idea incubation in Los Angeles with Amith Nirgunarty, the other Co-Founder.

How do you settle on the price point for your apps?

We are relatively new so we are offering our apps for $.99 to get the word out. So far, we win on value and style and will continue to offer more as we continue to grow.

What has been the best thing about designing for the iPhone?

Although challenging,this has been the most fun I've had in years. There is nothing better than testing an app that is finally ready for market.

What has been the biggest challenge about designing for the iPhone?

The sheer numbers are daunting. You want to be first, but you need to get things right.

Is your company venture backed or privately held?

Venture backed as well as privately held.

Do you have any other apps in the works?

The three to be released later this month are: 1. "Audiopeople" 2. A physics novelty app tentatively titled "Block Drop" that is awaiting approval 3. "Fortune", a gag app I can't say too much more, but we are working on "Animal Fun Time II", a strategy game that offers real time gameplay that is targeted to reach the top 10 list and a social networking app that will set a new world record as well as offer plenty of fun. In the queue are shoot'em ups, sports, more gags, TD, more fun and more interactive education.

What apps do you have on your iPhone?

I have about 90 right now. The most used include Trism, A great tip calculator by Raizlabs that prevents unnecessary disputes, Flight Control, Tweetie, the Moron Test, Star Defense,and of course, Animal Fun Time for when my nieces and nephews are around.

What do you like to do when you're not coding for the iPhone?

Travel, I just returned from a trip to Peru which involved the Amazon rainforest, a wedding, and of course Machu Picchu. I have a difficult time staying in one place!

One Last Thing:

I would like to thank Amith Nirgunarthy, my business partner, friend, and the other Co-Founder of people operating technology. He's much more fun than me and made this all possible!

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  • amith

    UPDATE - BlockDrop iCon Trick is out and it's really good. some of the best fun out there