iPhone Developer Spotlight: Keith Comito of Omegasoft


keith-comitoAppCraver recently spoke with Keith Comito, of Omegasoft. He shares his experiences developing for the iPhone and iPod touch.

When did you start developing apps for the iPhone? Did you have previous experience as a developer?

The only "official" past development experience I have is developing a few Flash games for companies like Nickelodeon and AOL. I've had a wide range of other jobs though, including working as a bouncer and as a physics professor. I take my science very seriously — ::crunches knuckles::

What / how many apps have you made so far?

I currently have 4 Omegasoft apps in the store: Amazing Ninja Buddy, Orbus, A Realistic Tambourine, and Gong Touch Free. The most popular of these has definitely been Amazing Ninja Buddy. I've also worked on a handful of apps for other companies as well.

What type of apps/games/software inspires you? Where do you get your ideas?

I naturally draw off of my own experiences and interests, such as anime and music, for app ideas. In the future I want to try and make some games that at least approximate the awesomness of classic games that have inspired me deeply like Xenogears and Chrono Trigger.

How do you settle on the price point for your apps?

Thus far my apps have been priced low due to the way Apple's app rankings are calculated, an unfortunate necessity when starting out as a small independent developer in a big sea. A few apps that I am currently working on are more robust and will be priced higher, hopefully the market will think they are as deserving of such as I do.

What has been the best thing about designing for the iPhone?

The best part of developing for a medium as accessible as the iPhone is that it gives creative people an excellent chance to market their ideas to the global community. With a little bit of hard work and a good idea, anyone can share something innovative and make a living off of it as well. There is just something awesome about hearing people all over the world talking about something you've made.

What has been the biggest challenge about designing for the iPhone?

The biggest challenge for me personally has been to overcome the hurdle of Object Orientated Programming. I did a little bit of it in college and then quickly ran the other way ;) I finally just had to sit down, spend a few months, and bite the OOP bullet.

Is your company venture backed or privately held?

Omegasoft is myself, backed by myself ;)

Do you have any other apps in the works?

I have a few new apps in development in addition to the updating of my existing apps. Going forward I intend to make a shift towards games, role-playing and strategy to be specific.

What apps do you have on your iPhone?

My iPhone is ironically kind of sparse. I primarily have the basic bare-bones types of apps like Facebook and a few classic apps like Labyrinth and Shazam.

What do you like to do when you're not coding for the iPhone?

My list of hobbies/projects is not a short one, but a few of the things I like to do when not sitting in front of my computer are writing music, playing guitar, practicing martial arts, playing video games, being a mad scientist, and spending quality time with people important to me whenever I can!

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