iPhone Gifts for Road Warriors


Does someone on your list spend too much time in the car? These gifts can make their trip a little easier. We're not saying it's safe to play Crash Bandicoot while driving, but iPhone does have many car-friendly features. Google maps, iTunes, Bluetooth — these are all features that can be utilized to make commuting more tolerable with the right equipment.

BlueAnt's Supertooth 3 handsfree kit is a good choice for drivers that need to be connected while on the road. It works much like a sophisticated speaker phone so it's perfect if you'd rather not wear an earpiece or are prone to losing small parts.

Supertooth 3 fits on your car's visor and is easy to set up. It automatically connects to iPhone and downloads your contact list. Then, it uses this information for caller ID and announces who is calling. Answering calls is simple too using Supertooth's voice answer feature — just say "answer call" in a loud clear voice to be connected. No more fumbling around, the Supertooth 3 is truly hands-free when it comes to answering calls.

Now that you've found a hands-free way to handle calls. You may still need a way to keep you iPhone within arms reach. Kensingon's Power Port Mount for iPhone and iPod is clutter-free way to hold your device in view for things like using the maps function. With a swivel head and flexible arm it's easy to share the screen with a passenger.

The real reason we like Kensington's design is the same reason others might dislike it. The Power Port Mount will not charge your device, it is only a holder. For us, this means fewer cords and less clutter. When you do need to charge your iPhone there is a pass-through port that allows you to use any standard car charger — such as the PowerVolt we recommended in our "iPhone Essential Gear" list. We prefer to keep unnecessary cords tucked away when not in use. The Power Port Mount helps us to keep the car tidy, anyone's who's ever "lived" in their car knows how important this is.

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  • wunderkind

    I *love* playing crash bandicoot while driving. why do you think they call it "crash" ?