iPhone Gifts : Essentials for New iPhone Owners


Whether you've had a smartphone before or are finally upgrading from your 1998 brick phone, the iPhone is a whole new type of cell phone. However, the basics still apply and as with any cell phone, you'll need to replace your accessories. There are several "must-have" items for any new iPhone owner: a case, a car charger and a stylus.

There are lots of cases out there for iPhone and iPod touch. Cases that let you express your quirky side, your business side, your hip side, or your no-nonsense side. But what if you love the iPhone just the way it is? Your device still needs a case. If you love the look of your cool new iPhone 3G, then love it enough to protect it.

invisible shield iphone protectorThat's where Invisible Shield comes in. Zagg makes Invisible Shields for a variety of digital products including most cell phones, laptops and gaming devices. Thin, clear and offering military-grade protection it slides on like a sticker and becomes virtually unnoticeable once in place.

This type of cover won't provide protection should you drop your phone. But, Invisible Shield is perfect for preventing the kind of everyday wear and tear that eventually makes your device feel worn out. Part of the allure of the iPhone is it's sleek design and gorgeous lines. It's the kind of look you don' want to hide. With the Invisible Shield you're perfectly protected to toss your phone in a purse or pocket. Let someone else worry about scratches, you'll be protected.

powerjolt iphone chargerFor an extra charger we recommend Griffin Technology's PowerJolt. It comes with a charging cord for the iPhone, but basically it's a USB charger that plugs into your car's 12-volt power outlet (formerly known as a cigarette lighter). Powerjolt rocks. You get an extra syncing cable for your iPhone which can be used in the car, at work or anywhere else you have a USB connection. And, the PowerJolt is infinitely versatile. It can be used with any device that charges via USB.

pogo stylus iphoneThe Pogo Stylus is one of those products that you don't realize you need until you use it. Sure, having a touch screen means you "don't need no stinking stylus." We get that. We still recommend the Pogo.

It's handy to have a stylus when playing games, typing emails and tapping small keys in some apps. There will be many times when fingers are fine. But, trust us, when details matter a stylus can be a lifesaver. Plus if you forego the bulky case and opt for the Invisible Shield, you'll be able to take advantage of Pogo's nifty snap-on holder. Don't believe us, read the full Pogo Stylus Review.

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  • Neal Hamou

    I love the invisible shield, I have it on mine and it is much better than the fat cases. This way I can put the phone in my pocket and not worry about my keys scratching them.

  • M.A.M Azeem

    i am realy happy to get a iphone from your company