iPhone Gifts for Gamers


The iPhone has been a big hit in among gamers. In fact many Xbox and PlayStation games are making their way into the App Store — not to mention the many vintage arcade games that are already there! So, it should come as little surprise that manufacturers have created accessories aimed specifically at those that like to play games on their iPhone. Start with these and you're sure to be a hit with the game-lovers on your list.

Marware Game Grip is truly an essential for any iPhone or iPod touch gamer. Heck, even novices will enjoy having something substantial to hold on to while playing games from the App Store. The GameGrip is a case that extends your device by adding comfortable handles and a cord management system. It basically turns iPhone into a game controller perfect for mobile gaming.

The handles not only make it much more comfortable to play games on iPhone or iPod touch for longer periods of time, but they also provide better grip. This makes it less likely that the device will get tossed across the room in a fit of excitement. The cord management system allows users to charge the device or plug in headphones without getting tangled up.

The thing about gaming is that it eats up power — and quickly! For anything more than a casual game or two,  iPhone will run out of juice long before the day is through. So those that also plan to use the phone for actual calls will need a little back-up.

For best value, we recommend Brando's iPhone & iPod Power Station. For just $25 it will provide a nice power boost to get through emergencies and maybe even let you play a few extra games of Raging Thunder. The battery pack can charge through the dock or the iPhone's usb cable and it has a nice bright testing button to show current power capacity. It even comes in black or white so to match the new iPhone 3G.

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  • Sven DB

    That's the real negative part about the Iphone and Ipod Touch, the battery life. For a real multimedia platform, or gameplatform the battery should be way better. I would not complain if they make the Iphone, or especcialy the Ipod Touch bigger with a better battery in it.
    My little brother has a psp and he says he can play about 6-8hr. With my Ipod Touch I can play about 2-3hr and then it's empty.

    So, if you wanne become a real multimedia, gameplatform, make your battery way better!!