iPhone Gifts for Media Junkies


Media junkies — whether they love movies, tv, games or music — share a couple of traits: they enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology and they have lots of gadgets. For both these reasons it can be hard to shop for these high-tech folks. Our gift ideas will fit either a large or small budget and will easily assimilate into any tech collection.

If you're ready to splurge, then Myvu Crystal video eyewear is quite a step forward over other personal video viewing options. It has a higher resolution (640x480) than other players and it's trim size guards against neck fatigue.

Although they can be used for gaming — either on an iPod touch or a whole host of devices and gaming systems — we found the Myvue Crystal glasses best suited for watching movies. Combined with the attached canal-style headphones, watching a video is like having a private theatre. It's easy to escape into the land of make-believe with stereo sound and clear images.

These awesome video glasses have a few caveats. They work best in a dimly-lit room and have a tangle of cords. However, overall these are small issues that most people won't be too bothered by. The price tag might be a bigger issue for most. At $299, these babies aren't cheap. But, used in the right environment, these glasses exceed expectations enough to justify the price.

A gift with a smaller price tag, Kensington's 4-Port USB Charger for Mobile Devices tops the list of helpful products that can be used again and again. Many products can charge using a computer's USB port — phones, ipods, cameras. Far fewer products include a way to charge these device in the wall. And those that do, can only charge one device at a time.

Those with gadgets galore get used to the mess of cords daisy-chaining their way from wall to power strip and power strip to gadget. It's messy, but what can you do? Give them a 4 Port USB Charger. This simple item will clean up the mess and charge a handful of devices without the use of a computer.

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