iPhone Inches Up the Corporate Ladder


enterprise-level-iphone-appsChangeWave, a market research company, just released a study that tucks Apple right behind Palm and  RIM as leaders in the corporate smartphone market. Although, Palm and RIM lost a few percentage points in the past quarter, and Apple picked up a few points, the iPhone has a long ways to go to rival RIM's BlackBerry in the enterprise.

However, in a reversal of only a few months ago, market researchers are coming around to the idea that Apple's iPhone, and even iPod touch, can succeed in the business world. One reason is that they believe the numbers, varieties and capabilities of apps that support enterprise activities will increase greatly increase following the summertime release of OS 3.0.

Meanwhile, here's a quick round up of enterprise-level apps that can be found in the App Store:

Oracle has about 4,000 employees using the iPhone globally, according to Oracle’s IT VP Campbell Webb. That’s not a surprise if you consider Oracle has had its own apps in the App Store for several months. Like many tech companies, Oracle is attempting to bridge the gap  between the enterprise and the iPhone, not only for itself but also for its clients.

oracleiphoneOracle Business Indicators, provides real-time access to business intelligence performance information and views of financial, HR, supply chain and other business intelligence. Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM)-Maintenance Workbench integrates Oracle eAM e-Business suite and uses GPS to lists of assets within a specific search radius. Others include Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant, Oracle Mobile Sales Forecast, Oracle Business Approvals for Sales Managers and Oracle Business Approvals for Managers.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center version 1.2 application on the iPhone got a recent update that permits the host to schedule meetings and invite attendees before and during the meeting.

Also, Cisco introduced yesterday what it has branded, “Collaboration in Motion,” an amalgamation of products and services that includes Cisco WebEx, Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Unified Wireless Network and Cisco Advanced Services for the mobile workspace, including Apple’s iPhone.

Salesforce’s Salesforce Mobile is a subset of features for salesforce.com users: View edit accounts, access account activity, log sales and access customer Visualforce Mobile pages.

Citrix Systems’ Citrix Receiver is a client that enables IT to deliver desktops and apps as an on-demand service to any device in any location. As long as employees have Citrix Receiver, IT no longer has to worry about whether they are delivering to a PC,  Mac or iPhone. For a few days last week, Citrix Receiver sat fourth in the list of top 10 free business apps (it’s eighth today).

Siemens Enterprise Communications’ OpenScape UC Application for iPhone 3.1 interconnects employee contacts through a corporate network, enables employees to set up conferences, view call reports and set rules to handle calls when they're unavailable.

Sybase’s iAnywhere Mobile Office supports Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange for email, calendaring, tasks and contacts with corporate directory lookup.

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