Does Everyone Already Have an iPhone?


apple iphoneIf you believe the product placement, then everyone in the world (or at least on TV) already has an iPhone. The must-have symbol of hipness is already trickling down to the masses. Could this account for the recent news that Apple's iPhone production is hitting the brakes?

News today from Silicon Alley Insider says that rather than the anticipated 10% slowdown, iPhone production may actually dip closer to 40% below Q3 levels.

Is this a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. It could be a sign of the slowing economy — rather than a reflection of slowing demand for the iPhone. It could also be a result of ramped up production from last quarter that left more phones in the supply channel.

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  • Inna Shafar

    Apple iPhone is a popular device. Now every other person has the cell phone and they mostly like it too. In fact I own one myself and I'm very happy with it. This product can be used as a cellular phone or an iPod or even internet device. All you have to do is have a plan with one of the wirelles companies that offer data.

  • Futureminded

    Or you can use it as all 3 at once, Inna! lol

    (a cell phone, an ipod or an internet device)

    Which one were you using it as?

  • Roxy22

    I have one!

  • Roxy22

    I use it as 3 out of the 3!

    A cell phone, a computer, and an ipod