iPhone update: 150,000 sold per day, and rising


According to tech news site tomsguide, analysts are increasing their estimates for iPhone3g sales (and mac) across the board.

The numbers are staggering: estimates for the quarter (July/Aug/Sep) are now running at 5 million units, up from previous estimates of 3-4 million, and last years numbers of 1.1 million / quarter. Each of the 180 Apple Stores sells 95 units on average, per day. Total production is now about 150,000 per day, but due to ramp considerably, as the expansion is increasing to 20 new countries, including Russia. China is also rumored to be on the target expansion list.

All of this is extremely bullish for Apple, as a company and a stock. The iPhone phenomena is having immediate ripple thru impact on mac sales, which are now growing at an annual rate of 30%+. It seems to me only a question of when, not if, Apple will dominate PC in overall unit volume.

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