iPhone Your Life: Apple's Tips Draw Users Further Into the Cult of Mac


iphone your life apple site

"Solving life's dilemmas one app at a time." Apple is showing their commitment to solving dilemmas with an update to the iPhone website.

A new section of the Apple site dubbed iPhone Your Life announces what users have known since the beginning — "...It's more than a phone. It's a way of life."

The mini-site is dedicated to iPhone 3G and offers app suggestions and tips for using your device in five life categories: Around Town, World Travel, At Home, Getting Things Done, and Fun and Games.

It's beautifully laid out, in that "Apple" sort of way, with links to specific apps,  descriptions, staff picks and a round-up of top App Store listings for different categories.

iPhone Your Life is must-visit for new iPhone owners and a smart stopover for longtime users as well. There are gems just waiting to be discovered on each page.

The iPhone Your Life section also links to Apple's already established iPhone Tips & Tricks and App of the Week pages.

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  • Carl

    This is pretty cool. Apple really is on top of their game

  • MaxxineStamos

    Great idea

  • roxy22

    Apple? a cult??