iPhunny Jokes is Pretty Funny


iPhunny Jokes is a very simple app that showcases some of the latest material from Conan O Brian, Letterman and Leno. I would say that 8 out of 10 of the jokes are funny enough that you will want to forward them on to your friends, and the app makes that extremely easy to do, by integrating with you contact list.

The company behind the app, "Giglish", has nothing to do with NBC, CBS etc.. They claim that what they are doing is entirely legal in the "legaleze section" of their web site

Our real legal page is coming soon - our attorney fainted after he looked at the list of all the people who might want to sue us. Please help in his hopefully speedy recovery by not suing us in the interim. This is a humor, parody and satire website and as such covered by the First Amendment protection of free speech, expression and silliness. In plain English that translates in to "We can make fun of you, you can't sue us; naah-naah-na-naah-naah".

iPhunny could be improved by tapping into other categories of jokes other than late night standup comedy; there should also be some way to bookmark favorite jokes and to add your own. But its a good start, and the app is definitely a keeper...

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