iPity: Mr. T Sound Clips Give the Fans What They Want

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

iPity for iPhoneOne of the most iconic figures of 1980’s television Mr. T comes to the App Store with iPity. iPity is an application that will have you rolling on the floor or at least enjoying a nostalgic chuckle.

In iPity There are over 60 clips with some of your favorite phrases by the legendary Mr. T. Here’s how it works. Start up iPity and you’re greeted with a nice cartoon drawing of Mr. T and one of his infamous one-liners complete with mouth moving action. Shake the phone and you’ll get a new one each time. If you don’t want a random clip, you also have the option to choose a clip from the list. 

iPity is everything it sets out to be. The graphics aren’t amazing but they are comical and fun. They definitely help users reminisce about the days when people toted Alf , Punky Brewster and A-Team lunch boxes. The quality of the sound bytes is okay. It’s not high-quality digital sound but then again it doesn’t need to be.

iPity is good but it does have some points of improvement. For instance if you touch Mr. T when the clip plays his mouth moves. However, if you shake the handset the clip plays but his mouth doesn’t move. An amazing add-on to this app would be the ability to type your own phrase. It would also be nice to have a way to set the app to play your favorite quotes. Choosing them each time can be somewhat cumbersome.

iPity is free in the App Store although I bet paying for it wouldn’t be a problem for any 80’s enthusiast.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • PS

    Love it!

    I have Mr. T as the voice on my GPS too. I got it from this company called Navtones. They do real celebrity voices for GPS and Mr. T is one of them. navtones.com I think.

    The IPity app is a fun little app but when you have T telling you to "Turn left fool", you just can't beat that!

  • TheRealGomez

    Wow I gotta check that out, does it work with all navigation companies?

  • GP

    Best app ever. 'nuff said.

  • dick

    I thought this was the best app ever. I paid for it and then it was free which Im ok with cause its ad based. I updated my paid version and now I get all these stupid ads. Now its now longer the best app ever but just an app that ripped me off. Its not the amount taken either but the principal. I hate those ads especially since I already paid for the app.

  • Matt

    What a rip! I paid and now I have to look at these ads! It also seems like the developer ripped the sounds off of his home television. What a rip!!

  • Johnson

    aren't there copyright issues involved here?!

  • http://twitter.com/solidsmack/status/3404628689 SolidSmack

    @AnnieLZ that may be a mindless app, but wrap your mind around THIS... iPity! Mr. T Soundclips. http://bit.ly/VJsAN

  • Mr T.

    Is this app breaking copyright by using the audio clips without getting permission? There are no legals on the apps saying that they were granted permission to use the clips from a TV show. Just a thought! Seems to be a few Rouge apps out there doing this just because the big corporations are not hip to the new tech... or maybe they are just allowing these individuals to make the money then they can swoop in later and just take it all after its been earned with a nice lawsuit.

    NBC claim your cash, these guys are now even advertising with it!