Wait for iProcrastinate to Get Better


iProcrastinate Mobile is, according to Craig Otis, its developer, "task management for the rest of us." That's not quite correct.

Although the developer says in his description and on his Web site that iProcrastinate is aimed equally at students and business folks, I don't buy it. It lacks features that many business people would want, such as integration with Contacts, for example. On the other hand, it seems suitable for students who wish to track their homework assignments, class schedules and the like.

iProcrastinate aims to be both flexible and simple to use and that's a lot harder than it sounds, especially without any Help screens to back it up.

This is a streamlined, good-looking app, despite it's being composed almost entirely of text. You can create a list of subjects (tasks), set deadlines, color code activities and group them. There's a fancy color picker, which gives you a wide range of color options to assign to your subjects, although I wouldn't have much need to create custom colors for my subjects.

I didn't find iProcrasinate at all intuitive, despite the developer's claim of creating an app that was ready to grab and go. You have to drill through a few displays to where you can set basic attributes such as deadlines.

You enter text in portrait mode, and to use the app to its fullest requires your filling in several fields. It would have been useful to be able to do that in landscape mode.

Is it just me or is naming an app "iProcrastinate," whose primary purpose is to make you more efficient and organized seem counter-intuitive?

The app crashed on me a couple of times.

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