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iPUBQUIZ - Trivia Quiz (AppStore Link)
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iPUBQUIZ - Trivia Quiz
Developer: Tom Callaghan
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

ipubquiz trivia quiz iphoneAnyone who loves a good trivia game, especially the multiple choice restaurant and pub style trivia games that pit players against the clock as well as other players, will surely appreciate iPUBQUIZ-Triva Quiz. In the same spirit of testing trivial knowledge in myriad categories, iPUBQUIZ presents players with an easy to play version of the popular fast-answer trivia game on iPhone. If you like testing your knowledge of specific subjects or simply find competition too irresistible, you'll get a kick out iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz.

Super simple to play, iPUBQUIZ presents four questions in each round with four possible answers to each question. Tap on the correct answer to proceed to the next question. If you choose the wrong answer, it's one strike against you. Choose four wrong answers, and it's game over. The faster you select the right question, the more points awarded.

For added help, there are two types of bonus "saves" — pass and 50/50. Pass allows you to swap the current question for a new one and 50/50 takes away two of the wrong answers. Between each round, you get the opportunity to earn additional "saves" by answering a single bonus round question that typically involves quickly putting a list of things in a specific order.

The categories offered by iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz are quite varied and range from Geometry, Physics, and Astronomy to Film, Children's Books and Cartoons. Though the categories are varied, keep in mind that the game is inherently British so categories like Snooker, Royalty, and Telly regularly pop up and many of the questions presented within some of the other categories have a slight cultural bias. Nonetheless, the game does a solid job of balancing British and American language differences and presents the opportunity to learn a few fun facts about each.

All in all, iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz is a well-made trivia app. Obviously inspired by pub-style trivia games, iPUBQUIZ does a nice job of capturing the essence of said games. It’s simple to play if not predictable, and while some categories such as Cartoons and Children’s Books have a standard set of questions that repeat with each appearance, there are plenty of categories to keep repetition to a minimum.

For a bit of trivial fun, give iPUBQUIZ-Trivia Quiz a try. It's worth the $0.99 if you have even a remote interest in testing your trivial knowledge or competing against the scoreboard leaders. I certainly didn't come anywhere close to the top 20 - the most I made it through was 6 rounds and that was sober. Still, with or without the pub, this is simply good trivia fun at its best.

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