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ipump exercise and fitness trainer for iphone ipod touch

Some of us prefer to workout without the motivational of assistance of a perky pony-tailed trainer or a bulked-out personal fitness coach. That doesn't mean we don't need exercise guidance along the way. PumpOne, which has provided "Portable Personal Trainers" for more than three years, is the perfect balance of knowledge and accountability without all that unnecessary personal contact.

PumpOne has an extensive line-up of digital fitness routines for iPhone and iPod Touch. So far, four different apps are available with 6 more planned by the end of the month: iPump Total Body, iPump Abs & Core, iPump Office Stretch, iPump Travel, iPump Fat Burn, iPump Pilates, iPump Yoga, iPump Foam Roller, iPump Swiss Ball and iPump Kettlebells.

AppCraver decided to check out iPump Total Body, iPump Pilates and iPump Office Stretch.

Each of the apps has well-designed with professional photos and easy-to-read text against a pleasing color scheme. Some developers skip this step and it's nice to see a company take the time to make an app look really good.

Of course, looks aren't everything, in an app like this content is king. The iPump series does a great job here, too. With the exception of Office Stretch, the apps feature levels for different fitness abilities, and the levels have sets to allow users to vary their routine.

A routine will have a set of exercises that once completed can be logged so you can track your progress over time.

Each exercise has clear instructions with easy to follow photos. Flip the screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone to see a larger version of the image. If you have a wifi connection you can also double-tap the image to view a narrated instructional video.

Another nice feature: You can listen to your own music library while working out. Watching a video will pause your music so you can pick up where you left off after the movie.

In addition to the ability to log your exercise accomplishments, you can also send email from the app. So share your exercise logs with a live trainer or workout buddy. Or, send an email to friends and family showing your new fitness regimen.

I was a little disappointed with the iPump Office app for one reason. I expected to be able to do most of the exercises in my office. The routine was designed to combat the aches and pains of your typical sedentary office worker. However, the exercises don't seem to give much thought to the clothing of office employees. I was not appropriately dressed to kneel on the ground on all fours for a back stretch. However, the gym- and home-based workout routines are excellent.

The iPump Series is well made and informative. If you take your ipod or iphone with you to workout, then these fitness videos deserve to go along.

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  • Neal H

    I am definitely getting this application, it will cut my workout time tremendously as I am always thinking what workout I should do next.

  • Neal H

    It would help, but it would be kind of annoying because you couldn't keep it on your arm or in your pocket. You would have to constantly have to take it out and look at it.

  • Tyler Durden

    All you have to do is look at it right before your work-out then follow the instructions. Personally I'd rather have a personal trainer helping me because then they can see if I'm doing the work-out completely wrong.

  • RavenWorkout

    $75/hour for a personal trainer - ONE session
    $2.99 for three months of workouts, designed by an exercise physiologist.
    Is a discussion really necessary?

  • http://ITunes Jamminsammy

    This app has a lot of potential, but it has a big flaw. The Arm Series in the application does not work. The video is not there. I have emailed iTunes and left feedback asking for help from the marketer, but have not heard a word from anyone. If the Arm Series was working, this would be an outstanding exercise app.