iQuarterback Goes Deep And Scores

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iquarterback iphone appThe iQuarterback iPhone app by FuzzyCube Software LLC puts the football in your hands before, during and after the season. For the football junkie that goes into a state of depression right after the clock runs out on the Pro Bowl, finding something to help wile away the off season months has been a daunting task over the years. There was NFL Europe for a few years, and we suffered through a season of the XFL. What’s left arena football, basketball, baseball, hockey, FUTBOL?! None will do.

iQuarterback may pull you out of that funk. Although not a complete game of football iQuarterback is designed as a passing competition that requires the quarterback to throw passes at moving targets. Different point values are awarded based on where the football strikes the target.

iQuarterback can be played in either Practice or Compete mode. Within each mode the game is played at the College, Pro or All Star level. When playing in practice mode your accumulated stats are not saved. Stats earned within compete mode are posted to the leaderboard allowing you to see how well you do compared to other players. Tap the bottom of the screen and watch a tutorial video on YouTube.

The iQuarterback iPhone app is very easy to understand and play. It also has very nice graphics and sound. The soon to be released version 1.2 will offer some additional challenges, such as many more moving targets moving at faster speeds and bonuses that could lead to 4x the points.

While the iQuarterback iPhone app will never be the same as sitting down in front of your 50 inch flat screen on a Sunday afternoon watching your favorite team rumbling, bumbling, stumbling, across the gridiron, it may be just what you need to get you through the months in between seasons.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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