iScratch Myself Scratches an Itch for the Bizarre


iScratch Myself iphoneThe name iScratch Myself makes me think of Homer Simpson, or maybe my Uncle Bud, but certainly not an entertainment app for iPhone and touch, complete with beginner and expert levels. But I digress, iScratch Myself is an app that was designed to scratch an itch. So if you’ve got an itch to run a fork, spatula, or toothbrush through a semi-balding man’s hair or all over another guy’s fat, hairy chest, then iScratch Myself can be yours for just a buck — and unlike scratch off lottery tickets, the scratching fun lasts and lasts.

If you’re scratching your own head right now and wondering just what iScratch Myself is, then read on. This app features pre-loaded photos, as well as the ability to take new ones or use existing photos on your camera roll and then scratch targeted areas on the picture within an allotted amount of time to advance through various levels. You are given your choice of itch relievers – your finger, a spatula, a fork, a cotton swab, pencil, or toothbrush. There are even sound effects that (sort of) emulate sighs, grunts, and even purrs of elation. It’s all rather weird, really.

Choosing between beginner and expert modes, iScratch Myself scratchers simply attack the targeted areas with their scratching device by rubbing their screens and gain points for completely scratching each itch. For kicks, you can compare your total score to others on the respective leader boards. It’s completely beyond me who these other people are, but hey – to each their own.

All in all, iScratch Myself is simply one of those incredibly random apps that you sometimes run across and that serve no real purpose aside from niche entertainment. Without the ability to create your own humor within iScratch Myself by uploading your own images, it would be truly disturbing. As it is, you could always upload a picture of some Hollywood star that you’ve been dreaming of scratching with a fork and then play away. If the fact that you’re even doing it in the first place doesn’t make you question your use of free time, then I suppose the possibilities are endless.

If you enjoy pointless games with bizarre themes, then you'll see why iScratch Myself is definitely scratching the surface of a weird, yet truly unique niche.

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