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iscribble iphone photo captions For those who just can't seem to keep a good grasp on where, when or with whom a photo was taken, iScribble swoops in to the rescue. The user can add a note or a scribble caption to saved photos via buttons in the upper left corner or a handy Post-It note style upturned page in the bottom right corner and save the captions for later review. The photo "turns over" and the message is then added to the "back" of it.

In scribble mode, the line available to "write" with is short. It's as if the ink runs out. After multiple attempts at scaling down the the size of the letters and trying to improve upon neatness, little more than a short word or two can be composed. For example, I wasn't able to complete captioning with the phrase, "Downtown Pittsburgh." This option seems best suited to a for a very short, fun description or a cute doodle, say a single name with a heart drawn around it or only a date and location.

The typed note captions, though, have a lot of potential and really make iScribble a cool find. I tested out entering 30 lines of 28 characters/spaces each and it turns out that typing 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' repeatedly may not only be a symptom of insanity but prone to initiating it as well! The more important result to notice is that when typing iScribble doesn't restrict the volume of text. This feature can easily be used to label photos with the location, date and and multiple subjects or to journal an event, inspire a letter, enhance a photo with a poem or song lyrics, record the subjects' contact information and more.

Imagining so many opportunities for versatility, I would appreciate an upgrade that could allow the caption to become a permanent part of the photo files and translate throughout multiple applications. Presently, the caption is composed with and available only within iScribble and is no longer attached when the user opens the file in a photo application.

A simple and convenient app, though, iScribble in a useful photo utility with plenty of room to grow.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Meggan Harris

    Just want to say thank you for the feedback and kind words. I really hope people like the first installment of this app, as we are certainly working on the improvements.