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Developer: AHMET T.S. DUNDAR
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ishark iphoneSharks are seriously misunderstood creatures in nature, but when it comes to iShark for iPhone, there isn't much to understand except that this shark has a seriously destructive side.

Now its second version, iShark is a 2D platform where players control a cartoon shark with the objective of eating everything in sight – swimmers, boaters, birds, helicopters – you name it. It’s doubtful that the primary intent with iShark was comedy, but it somewhat struck my funny bone even with all of the cartoon violence and mayhem.

When you launch iShark, a cheesy yet epic bit of music begins to play and your shark greets you with anticipation over his pending munch-fest.

To control the shark, you can draw on the screen in whatever direction you want him to move and he will follow the line you draw. You can also simply continue to tap the screen where you want him and he’ll respond. When you draw a line, the shark accurately follows the exact line you draw, which can be kind of funny. The shark needs to eat the objects on the water’s surface and must avoid underwater landmines.

Besides the fact that iShark was developed without primary knowledge of the English language, a fact that’s evident by the text intended to be the shark’s dialogue, the animation and sound effects are universal. In terms of game play, it has more depth than is first obvious. The game starts out simple enough, but as you progress you quickly discover that it becomes more challenging. You will encounter boss creatures that will either destroy the shark or, if defeated, restore his health. You can also score bonus points for every eating streak. Don’t bother trying to eat the jellyfish underwater though. Instead, swim to the surface to eat the objects there.

The selling point of iShark is addicting game play, and while “addicting” may be a strong word, it definitely has some longevity. It doesn’t have any real stand out features, but it is clearly original, quick to progress, and simple enough to play to warrant a dollar. And it’s really rather funny in a demented, cartoon violence sort of way.

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  • Cutest Terminator

    I love this game, Simple carnage is always fun with cutest terminator ever.Also I've got new update today. if it continues to update so often and accurate,This will be 11/10.
    Highly recommended