iShoot Uses Tanks in a Variation of a Classic Artillery Game

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Developer: Ethan Nicholas
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ishoot iphone appThe tank in Ethan Nicholas's iShoot is dissing me: "I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was still in diapers!"

"Oh, yeah? How'd you like some of this," I reply. I lean on the fire button until it reaches 79 percent and lob one of my dreaded excavator bombs. "Boom!" It's a near miss but a slight adjustment in trajectory will finish off the loudmouth on the other side of the mountain in front of me.

iShoot is a take on the classic artillery game, where  canons duel for supremacy. In this version, it's two opposing tanks, each capable of launching shells, rockets, nuclear bombs and a variety of other industrial-strength armaments at each other. Accurately lay down a wall of rolling thunder and it's all she wrote for the other guy.

iShoot's graphics are crude although the gameplay's okay, especially if you consider there's not much to this genre to begin with. The ability to control trajectory and distance work well.  Overall, it's a good starting place for this venerable artillery game.

What would help iShoot quite a bit is better graphics with a more 3D look and feel. I also think the price could be better justified if the developer were able to exploit the iPhone capabilities and bring fresh approach to an old idea.


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