iShout Pro: Popular Phrases Game For Portable Fun


ishout pro iphoneFor those who enjoy around-the-table word guessing games like Password, Taboo, and Catchphrase, iShout Pro is an app that will turn your iPhone into a mechanism that facilitates the same type of game.

If you’ve never played anything similar, the object of this type of game is to provide clues to get other people to guess a word or phrase, without actually saying the word(s).

While the game concept isn’t new, the concept of turning an iPhone or iPod touch into a party game of this variety is a pretty good idea that could easily have a lot of takers. After all, you’d always have it with you and could whip it out if things get boring at a family gathering or weekend hangout with friends. Plus, having a party game packaged up neatly on a handheld device beats the heck out of a huge stack of cards and a box.

The aspects of iShout Pro that really work are the abilities to customize different features. You can select any or all of the categories available, which include “Tomorrow,” “Entertainment,” “Our Stuff,” “People,” and “Sayings.” The “Our Stuff” category is customizable and allows users to input their own words or phrases via the settings menu, which provides a great deal of flexibility for personalizing the game. Additionally, you can change other options in iShout Pro such as background colors and sound effects for the countdown timer and buzzer in the settings menu as well.

You can select to play iShout with up to four teams, set the number of points required to win the game, and set the length of time to play each round. A built-in tutorial offers a basic explanation and set of rules for game play, but since many people have played similar games, there will probably be a brief moment or two of discussion on exact rules, game play, and scoring methods.

For the price and the options that come with it, iShout Pro serves as a handy app for people who like party games and frequently get together with large groups of people who also like party games. It’s simple to play, has the familiar feel of the other similar games, and can be made all the more fun with the addition of your own words and phrases.

iShout Pro is by Anu Media, the developers behind the Raindrop iPhone app.

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