Rock Out in the Suds with iShower Water-Resistant Speakers


ishower for iphone, ipad, androidI love music and I love being clean. Now, combining those two posed a problem for some time for obvious reasons. My usual solution was to put the phone by the shower or on my speaker dock, but inevitably, the roar of the shower was too loud to really get my groove on. Enter, iShower. Created by the same makers of iGrill, this Bluetooth enabled device is the perfect solution to rocking out in the shower, safely.

Packaged into a small and clean looking box, iShower is powered by three AA batteries and offers up to 15 hours of streaming audio. And it's not just for Apple devices since the Bluetooth capabilities can connect to Android and other smartphones and tablets. As simple as it is to pair with your device, it's even easier to install into your shower. The water-resistant speaker comes with a mounting system with built-in adhesive or a "Grab-n-Go" mount that you can throw on a hook or over the shower head. I chose to install with the mounting system off to the side of the shower head and down just a bit to get the optimum sound performance. 

As I mentioned, pairing is easy. Simply press the Bluetooth button and push pair on your mobile device and within seconds you're good to go. I was amazed at how seamless it was, not to mention you can have up to five devices connected. This is an awesome feature as my wife has a completely different playlist than me. While you have your device connected, you can use Pandora, Spotify or your favorite playlist in your music library.

I enjoyed having the built-in clock display as well as the buttons for play, pause, forward, rewind and volume since I tend to take longer showers so need to switch up my morning music. Even more useful is the iShower's 200-foot range. I was able to leave my iPhone way out of harm's way and when I was done showering, took the device off the mount and brought it into the room with me. This was very handy.

“iShower is synonymous with other iDevice’s inventions, creating a useful, innovative product with wireless compatibility -- a product that can easily be used virtually anywhere,” said iDevices’ CEO, Christopher Allen, Sr.  “At iDevices, we are creating products that will enhance the user experience with their everyday devices.”

Offering 200-feet of range, water resistance and pairing for multiple devices, iShower is the ultimate shower companion for streaming your music from your playlist, music app or favorite online service. It also makes a nice buddy for the pool, beach or spa while keeping you rocking and your phone dry.

iShower is now shipping for $99.

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