iShuffle Mixes up your Photos for a Classic Puzzle


ishuffle iphone appiShuffle calls themselves a "classic shuffle puzzle game." That's a pretty accurate description. Thankfully GoGoMobile has added just enough features to keep things interesting for more advanced puzzlers while also throwing a bone to new puzzle solvers like me.

I've never been big on puzzles. I think I'm too fond of instant gratification to keep banging my head against an unsolvable wall. I admit this because I nearly gave up on iShuffle after four failed attempts. Then, I decided to read the instructions! Discovering swap feature saved my poor brain and with a win under my belt, I discovered that iShuffle is actually quite fun.

"Swapping" is a built-in cheat that uses multi-touch to to exchange placement for any two tiles. Just touch the tiles and they will instantly swap. Use this tool carefully as you have a limited number of swaps per game — usually just one.

iShuffle has 4 modes for a seemingly endless array of puzzle creations. Use Image Mode and pick from a selection of stock photos or choose Gallery Mode to use your own photo as the starting point. Blocks Mode uses solid-color tiles similar to a flat Rubiks cube, or try your skill at numbers mode which swaps colors for numbers. Kids and puzzle noobs should start off in Blocks Mode.

Speaking of kids, iShuffle is easily an all-ages game, but kids especially will get a kick out of the option to use their own image as the puzzle base. Adults can use Gallery Mode to increase difficult — try to solve the puzzle using a screenshot from Kaleidoscope!

iShuffle makes a very satisfying swoosh sound as you move the pieces. I like it, but if you don't you can turn it off from any screen and listen to the tunes from your music library.

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  • scart vga

    A shuffle puzzle game is amazing. These features are added to recentle in i-shuffle. This type of iShuffle is actually quite fun for me. Finally nice information and thanks for sharing.

  • Steven

    iShuffle has four modes for a wide seemingly endless creative puzzle. Use the photo mode and choose from a selection of photos or choose how your own photo gallery as a starting point. Blocks method uses solid-color tiles similar to a Rubiks cube floor, or test your skills in many fashion colors to exchange numbers. Children and puzzles noobs should start in block mode.

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