Oh, You Sexy Bees! iSprout is a Good-Looking Puzzle Game

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iSprout Action Puzzle
Developer: Patrik Hedmalm
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Guide sexy bees on a pollination mission with iSprout iphone appiSprout - Most of the time, when I download a game for my iPhone, I'm hoping it will be two things: First, I want it to be fun to play (duh!). Second, I want it to be pretty (or at least aesthetically pleasing), because I'm a total girl and I care about that kind of thing. So, with those criteria in mind, iSprout by Epicore is mostly successful.

In iSprout, your mission is to guide brightly-striped bumblebees (which, according to iSprout, are "Sexy Bees" — I'm not sure what exactly makes them sexy, but OK!) to the appropriate flowers. The bees are attracted to nearby flowers where they pick up vibrant, sparkling pollen. If they bring the pollen to a flower of the same color, the branch splits and more flowers blossom. If they bring pollen to a flower of a different color, the flower withers and dies, and the bee buzzes over to a different flower.

iSprout offers Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels — while in Easy, the bee takes a nice long pause on each flower, in Hard the bees buzz around extremely fast.

In order to guide the bees in iSprout, you have to bend and stretch the branches in order to get the bees to land on the proper flowers. It's actually kind of harder than I expected; while the in-game directions are fairly straightforward, I found myself bumbling (hey, unintentional bee pun!) around for quite a while trying to figure out what I was doing. Assuming that I'm right, it appears that the bee automatically flies to the nearest flower, so you have to sort of manipulate things so that the nearest flower is a properly-colored flower. (Just in case I'm wrong, I apologize in advance.)

So, in case it wasn't obvious, iSprout confused me a bit. However, it's a really great-looking game, and I suspect it's the sort of thing that can get very addictive, very quickly, once you've gotten the hang of it.

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