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iSteam - Hot and Steamy Entertainment (AppStore Link)
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iSteam - Hot and Steamy Entertainment
Developer: Konstantinos Eleftheriou
Price: free Download on the App Store

isteam iphoneWhen I first bought my iPhone, the most common question people asked me besides “How much is your monthly bill” was “Have you seen iBeer?” Silly and useless, yes, but people love iBeer. Now you can add iSteam to your collection of popular apps that briefly impress your friends.

iSteam by GreatApps provides a brainless experience that leaves you with a sense of wonderment and the urge to share your steamy creations, or “steamies,” with friends.

You steam up the appearance of the screen of your iPhone by blowing into the microphone, then write words or draw pictures on the screen just like you would on your bathroom mirror after a shower. iSteam is complete with squeaky finger noises and rolling condensation droplets that change direction when you tilt the iPhone. If you want a custom background, you can choose from any photo in your album.

Like iBeer and the VW bus, iSteam already has a cult following. While some users will say, “Big deal,” and immediately delete the app, others will exclaim, “Dude. Cool.” Some have been bold enough to proclaim their steamy productions “art.” The dedication of iSteam’s followers is evident in the overwhelming response to Great Apps’ first Steamie Contest.

Nerds will also appreciate iSteam. Not only will they want to write geeky love messages in the steam to their girlfriends/boyfriends, they will spend time thinking about how the app works. iSteam is an original concept and you have to give some kudos to the person who thought it up.

One brief note on functioning: From what I understand, you cannot add more steam on the iPod touch; rather you have to restart the app to reset the screen. Otherwise, I have heard no complaints about iSteam’s performance.

If you are expecting hours of endless creative fun, you might not get it with iSteam. You will, however, likely enjoy a few minutes of steam doodling and the satisfaction of sharing it with whoever is in the room with you. If you have many curious friends, you can get a lot of mileage with iSteam.

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  • Andy Bilodeau

    the newest version allows you to touch and shake to redo the steam.

  • Ricky

    This App is no longer free.