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iTalk Recorder
Developer: Griffin Technology
Price: free Download on the App Store

italk recorder iphoneiTalk Recorder, according to Griffin Technology, the developer, is "WAY more than a voice recorder." That's partly true. Unfortunately, the "way more" part is still not enough to put it on par with many of the other voice recording apps in the App Store.

ITalk Recorder has one button recording. You can name your audio files. You can delete them. All what you would expect an iPhone recorder to do and the interface for doing those things couldn't be any simpler (that's a good thing).

You also have the option of choosing, "good, better, best" recording.

I guess you can say the "more" part for iTalk is that you can use iTalk Sync, a free download, to drag and drop your recordings to your desktop over a W-Fi connection. It's available for the Mac OS and as a public beta for Windows PCs.

I downloaded iTalk Recorder, the free version, which is supported by banner advertising. However, in using the app several times, I saw only a couple of ads, and happily, they were unobtrusive. I also used iTalk Recorder plenty of times where I did not see any ads. I'm not sure what to make of that but let's just say the wiring is faulty somewhere.

iTalk Recorder Premium, the same app without advertising, sells for $4.99. Based on my experience using the ad-suported version, I don't see a pressing need to upgrade.

I recommend test driving any number of the many voice recording apps in the App Store before deciding if this is the right one for you.

I do want to put a plug in for Griffin, though. (No, I don't have any connection with Griffin; and no one is making me write this.) They're my go-to guys for iPhone accessories for my house and car and I recommend them without hesitation.

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  • tizrah

    what would be the other recording apps you would recommend? there's so many out there, it's confusing sometimes..and lots of them are paid apps. you can't afford to purchase one by one to try them out..

  • Michael Alexander

    I wish I could give you a specific recommendation but unfortunately, I haven't tried all the recording apps. From what I can tell, they are all similar. There's not much to voice recording, after all. I would start with the free apps and if I found a feature that I thought was lacking, I would consider a paid app.

    TapeMe Voice is the second most popular app right now in the tape recorder category, so I would start there. The reviews are less than stellar, however.

    Voice Record made the App Store's 2008 best-seller list in the Utilities category. That's $1.99, which isn't bad. The reviews have been mixed, however.

  • dawgman

    While my iphone was synch - the darn iphone lost all the recordings that I had on the phone. My question is does any one outher know how to recover those recordings froom iphone?