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italk iphone appiTalk - So, you know how sometimes you're hanging out with people, or you're at some party, or, god forbid, on a first date, and the conversation just kind of...stops? If you fear awkward silences (and really, who doesn't?), iTalk by Bitix may be just the application for you. iTalk offers more than 150 conversation starters so you'll never find yourself sitting around going "um, wow, can you even believe how hot it is today?" Because nobody wants to do that.

iTalk is incredibly easy to operate. Choose the categories in which you want to be given conversation starters. The options are Experience, Personality, Preferences and Opinion, which cover a wide array of topics, from "What embarrasses you?" to "Which is more important: the individual or society?" to "In your opinion, what are the real seven wonders of the world?" (Coffee, chocolate, the iPhone, David Cook, the ocean, the Internet and, of course.)

In order to move iTalk to the next topic of conversation, simply shake your iPhone to get a new question, or just touch the "Talk Now" button on the screen. Helpful hint: If you're trying to be subtle and hide the fact that these questions aren't coming from your own imagination, shaking your phone like a maniac may not be the best option. (You're welcome!)

While I can certainly see how iTalk might come in handy, and how it could be fun in a relaxed social setting, I'm not necessarily convinced it's worth $1.99. Most of the questions are ones anyone could come up with on their own, and I can't help but think that while iTalk has a cute interface and all, you could easily create a similar list of questions and just store it in the "notes" feature on your phone, if you're that worried about running out of conversational ideas.

All things considered, iTalk certainly achieves its stated goals and it works great, so if it's something you think you would find useful, I recommend it. However, if iTalk is something that you think you can live without it...then, you probably can.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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