Italy Guides: Rome Travel Guide is an Ideal Travel Companion

ItalyGuides: Rome Travel Guide (AppStore Link)
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ItalyGuides: Rome Travel Guide
Developer: ComPart Multimedia srl
Price: $5.99 Download on the App Store

If a trip to Italy is in your future, then Italy Guides: Rome Travel Guide is a must have app. Not only is it a travel guide that includes some of the top sites to visit in Rome, it is a visual guide of near-cinematic-quality that imparts both information and beauty to the viewer. ComPart Multimedia’s Rome Travel Guide features a list of 17 Roman hot spots ranging from the Colosseum to the Pantheon.

Each point of interest is pinpointed on an interactive map of Rome and can be selected to view stunning photos accompanied by informative narrated text describing the features and history of each place. Users can view points of interest in both list or map form and sort by popularity or route, making the information useful for planning site seeing adventures or as a personal tour guide upon arrival. A travel tip video is also built in for pre-planning before departure.

Italy Guides: Rome Travel Guide appears well-planned and researched. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s clear that this interactive travel guide wasn’t either. Each point of interest chosen as a top site avoids repetition of the information contained in ComPart Multimedia’s first Italy Guide application, Vatican Museums Interactive Guide. There’s a lot of multi-media content included in this guide and loading is slow, even over Wi-Fi, but be patient.

The narrated text included for each site provides both detail and interest and not only serves as a solid travel guide for Rome, but could even work for academic research for a school project on Rome. The narration is professional, the photo galleries are extensive, and the combination of information and quality images immerses users in all things Rome.

This is not an app that helps you make travel arrangements or links users out to tourist information websites, but instead provides very rich details about the selected points of interest. As an interactive travel guide priced less than comparable books, international travelers who pair Italy Guides: Rome Travel Guide with an English-Italian dictionary will be all set to experience Rome.

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