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iTimeZone - World Clocks Calculator
Developer: Dave Murdock
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iTimeZone for iPhoneiTimeZone - You are scheduling a teleconference for 10:00am with your colleagues in New York, London and Tokyo.  But what time will it be at their offices?  Will anyone be in?

To solve this dilemma usually takes figuring out the time difference for each of these cities separately. But for an easier way to take on this task, try out iTimeZone. In just a few screen taps you can easily calculate the time difference for multiple cities at once. Despite a few hiccups, it is a solid app that does its job well.

After downloading iTimeZone select your location from a list of over 21,000 cities. But you better get it right. If you accidentally put in the wrong city you can't change it. You need to delete the app and then start over. The developer is aware of the glitch (I found this out after going to their web site to make sure I had not completely lost my mind). Of course it is free to re-download iTimeZone, but as you can imagine this tiny glitch was quite annoying. The developer promises a fix for iTimeZone 1.2.

Next, you add the cities of your choice to the list of favorites. Once you have this process completed you can check the time in your favorite cities against the current time in your own city. You can also move ahead or back and compare any time with the corresponding one in a favorite city. This is where the ability to schedule a phone call or meeting becomes a breeze.  No more guessing, iTimeZone adjusts for seasonal daylight savings time and has day and night indicators.

Another plus is that iTimeZone works without Wi-Fi or a mobile signal - all of the data for the over 21,000 cities is built in. A second screen for each city even provides the latitude and longitude and their corresponding time zone designation. All of the information on iTimeZone is available only in English and it requires that your iPhone has the 2.0 update.

Until the newest version is out, when you travel and you want to find out if your significant other is still awake when you are in Italy on business you just have to work backwards; add Turin as a favorite and move the dial until it shows the current time in Italy and then check out whether or not it's too late to call home.  When it's fixed you should be able to change your current location easily as you travel in order to check future times for other cities easily.

If you conduct a great deal of oversea business, conference calls, or in some other way deal with multiple time zones iTimeZone is probably worth it. If that doesn't describe you, it may still be fun to toy around with.

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