Give Your Brain a Workout with iTrio Puzzle Matching

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

itrio iphoneFrom time to time the App Store churns out a game that relies more on brainpower and less on quick and mindless tapping and swiping. One of those games is iTrio.

A spinoff of the various versions of Trio card games, iTrio requires you to find a matching group of three cards hidden amongst a set of 18.  Each of the cards has four characteristics — different shapes, colors, shades, and quantity. Through a variation of these you can find three that belong together. Find it, and the cards shift — creating another opportunity to find a matching group of three.

If iTrio racks your brain too much at first there is a well-developed way to ease you into playing. Tap the small "i" icon to get to the Info screen, which offers several different examples and a solid description of what constitutes a trio. Tap the example cards and they switch to show another.

There are two modes of play. Time Mode keeps track of how many trios you score within a five-minute time limit. In Points Mode, iTrio tabulates how long it takes for you to find 13 trios. The mixture is good, but hopefully the developers are working on some deeper levels or enhanced difficulty for those who master the game. Multiplayer would also be a good touch so one could challenge friends. Other apps have made good use of playing across a network or sharing scores through text or online.

The sound effects add a good touch. There are clicks for each card you press, and a "bing" if you are successful. Pick three that do not follow the rules, and you will get a horn that honks its disapproval. After the time expires, or you find the maximum number of trios, there is a listing of how well you did in comparison to other rounds.

The full version of iTrio is $1.99, with a free lite version of the app so you can try it out without committing the two bucks. Quality puzzle apps, such as the excellent Booty Blocks, can be as hard to find as a matching group in iTrio. But if you are looking around for a great puzzle game that will rack your brain, you will not be disappointed with iTrio.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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