Update of Popular i.TV Pocket TV and Movie Guide App 'Imminent'


i.TV adds Netflicks content and Wikipedia integration to its popular appi.TV, one of the most popular free apps in the App Store, will be getting some cool new features, not only with in the next week or so, but at least once a month from now well into 2009, according to i.TV CEO Brad Pelo. "i.TV is the foundation for what's to come in additional content and integration," Pelo says.

The frequently downloaded i.TV app — currently 20 on the list of free apps — puts an electronic media guide into the pockets of iPhone and iPod Touch owners. A couple of taps will take you to local TV listings and movies playing at nearby theaters. You can also set "appointments," to alert you when a scheduled TV program is about to start.

The next update, which is pending Apple's approval, will enable i.TV users to link to their Netflicks accounts to search the catalog, order DVDs for home delivery and manage queues. When you select a movie in your TV guide, you can also elect to be transported to Netflicks to view a list of recommendations of similar movies.

i.TV will also integrates with Wikipedia, enabling you to pull up more in-depth descriptions of local TV and movie programs and on Netflicks.

Pelo says the release of the updated i.TV is "imminent."

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  • Darren3311

    This is yet another incredible idea for an iphone app. But when are we going ot be able ot watch tv on them is what I want to know!

  • JoshPratt79

    This is like a virtual "TV Guide". Remember those?