iWingman - Pickup Lines Generator is a Funny Companion for Finding a Date

iWingman - Pickup lines generator (AppStore Link)
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iWingman - Pickup lines generator
Developer: 3PM Studios
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If the iPhone has become our eternal digital companion, helping us with everything from our hobbies, finances and humor, why can’t it be our wingman? Maybe it can. iWingman - Pickup Lines Generator is an interactive app for, erm, finding the right thing to say when you see a pretty girl.

iWingman is your very own buddy, there to aid you in trying to get the woman of your dreams. Think Swingers & Wedding Crashers but less cool. What iWingman does have is charm. Something that might win your sweetheart's favor even if you’re not confident enough to do it on your own. iWingman is packed with more than 250 one liners. They range from super cheesy to pretty clever.

The visual interface is ash grey with lots of blinking lights, gauges and buttons. The iWingman menu is set up as if you were pressing buttons in an airplane. There are six categories from which you can rate your compatibility — face, clothes, personality, intelligence, smell and location. Try hitting one and you get a pick-up line. For instance, choose face and you might end up with a line like “Seeing your beautiful face makes my smile aggrandize."

iWingman is stable. It won't crash, flash or randomly start over. What it could do better is have an option to go back to the menu without starting from the info menu. It seems like an unnecessary step. There is only one sound in iWingman, the sound of a plane taking off when you go to the main menu. Of course, if you plan on using iWingman on the down low, this is a good thing.

Overall, iWingman - Pickup Lines Generator is okay. If you use it as a conversation starter you're likely to get a few laughs, in which case it’s done its job. If you plan to use it as a serious dating tool, well, that might be stretching it.

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