For iPhone Users, iXpenseIt is a Most Useful Mobile Expense Tracker

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iXpenseIt (Expense + Income = Cashflow with Budget)
Developer: FYI Mobileware, Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

ixpenseit iphoneiXpenseIt - In my opinion, an expense tracking and budgeting software program that appeals to all users for all purposes simply does not exist. It would be difficult to define all the small details required of a one-size-fits-all due to the individual differences in personal budgeting styles. However, I believe iXpenseIt, by FYI Mobileware Inc. comes as close to a OSFA for iPhone users as possible so far. As a mobile expense tracker, it offers mass appeal to business users and meets the demand of most users who simply want a way to record everyday spending to track their personal budget.

iXpenseIt opens to a home page that displays custom information such as designated monthly budget, total expenses, daily spending average, and budgeted balance. The lower half of the screen displays the date and provides space for entering individual expenses. The interface is simple and expenses are entered by tapping on an available line, which will take you to the screen where a new expense can be added.

Expenses can be categorized and subcategorized and notes can be added for easy reference. Along with the ability to record and track expenses, iXpenseIt can produce graphical spending reports and information can be exported by Wi-Fi or email. Another useful feature is the ability for iPhone users to photograph receipts and upload them from photos as an attachment to a specific expense, which could then be emailed to an employer for reimbursement or to yourself for record purposes.

There are plenty of customizable setting options with iXpenseIt, including the ability to change currency, set defaults for quick expense entering, and set recurring expenses. The home screen gives a quick display of your overall monthly budget and the ability to scroll back and forth between dates to see where your biggest expenses were. The password protection feature keeps your information safe from inadvertent viewing. There is also a search function that allows you to search for a specific expense by category, subcategory, or note. I can see where some users may prefer the search function to expand to searchable dates or at least have a calendar overview, but again, as with any program of this type, many individual preferences may be missing.

Smaller details lacking or not, the big picture is all there in iXpenseIt. By combining ease of use with customizable options and at-a-glance reports, expense tracking and budgeting is a breeze. While many people will continue to utilize their favorite PC program, iXpenseIt still provides a useful on-the-go tool that will organize and store your information. While I would have preferred the ability to track multiple budgets, such as personal and business, I can still see the overall value of iXpenseIt after trying it for just a short time. There are numerous applications where it would come in handy from the obvious, to the less obvious, such as teaching young people to budget or tracking Christmas shopping spending.

To get a feel for iXpenseIt, you can download the free version, iXpenseIt Lite and check it out. Keep in mind the free version limits the number of records you can store and will not import information into the full version of iXpenseIt should you decide to buy it.

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