iZen Garden Relaxes Just Like its Japanese Namesake

iZen Garden 2 - Portable Zen Garden (AppStore Link)
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iZen Garden 2 - Portable Zen Garden
Developer: Jiva DeVoe
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

iZen Garden for iPhoneIf the economy or bad weather has you singing the blues, we may have found a welcome distraction in the App Store. iZen Garden is a portable Zen Garden. From a real world art form to your handset, you’ll be able to create your own personal relaxation garden and take it with you everywhere.

Japanese Zen Gardens have been around for a thousand years. The goal of iZen Garden is to relax and calm you with simple objects and sounds. Before you get to the garden you’ll be treated to a daily Zen, positive messages that pop up each time you open it up.

It’s easy to get your garden going. Everything works with just a couple of taps and using it is pretty straightforward. iZen Garden is loaded with lots of options to fully customize your garden and make it your own. Choose from over 100 different stones, shells, plants and fossils to place in your garden. Don’t like the color of the sand? There are four different colors to choose from in iZen Garden and you can even match them with some of your objects.

If you’re into different shapes you can make your objects round, oblong, square, or triangular as well as change the size of your rake’s width and depth. You can even pinch and expand them with your fingers to make them larger or smaller. If your garden feels a little lifeless, animate it. iZen Garden lets you add fluttering butterflies.

In addition to all of the lifelike objects in iZen Garden, the app has soothing sounds, wind chimes, bells, ocean waves and more. Overall, iZen Garden did the trick for me.

There were a few things that might be in need of updates. The sound of a stream or a waterfall would be fantastic in iZen Garden. Also, it might be a nice feature to be able to stack the objects or bury them. One of the best features of iZen Garden is that you can still listen to the soundtrack even when your handset has locked. Now, if only iZen Garden could simulate the smell from a really nice candle.

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