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Jake Escapes HD
Developer: Just Funny Games s.r.l.
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Jake Escapes HDIf you find yourself running from the mundane, repetitive arcade games for iOS, it’s time to try something new and different. Jake Escapes HD by Just Funny Games is a unique arcade-action game that is cleverly built for the touchscreen interface of iOS. Oozing with originality and a bit of risque humor, Jake Escapes HD has an imaginative backstory with creative animated cut scenes built on a solid foundation of game play and execution.

Jake Escapes HD features the antics of Jake, a career thief, and Doc, his mad scientist friend. They have stolen an Area 51 artifact known as the G.R.A.I.L. and the whole world, on both sides of the law, want it for themselves. Jake must scale the skyscrapers of cities across the globe to escape. Using intuitive vertical, horizontal and diagonal swiping, players help Jake scale buildings, avoid enemies and stay at least one step ahead of the government agent tailing him. You’ve got to be quick, but you’ve also got to be clever enough to meet each level’s objective.

Jake Escapes HD has two different modes of play – story mode and arcade mode. As levels are completed in story mode, they become unlocked in arcade mode. With each new city, players can complete jobs in any order they choose, but a certain number of jobs (levels) must be completed to unlock new cities. Missions range from the ridiculous to the bizarre. As you travel the globe with Jake, you’ll be asked to find objects hidden (or obvious) on each level. Some jobs are easier to complete than others, with some being cryptic and others just having hard-to-spot items. If you take too long, the agent tailing Jake will catch up and knock Jake from the building. When necessary, you can also call on Doc to help blast enemies from their obstructive locations in windows by tapping on them.

Uniqueness and compatibility with iOS is what gives Jake Escapes HD appeal. It’s a simple to learn, but challenging to play game that has a fast-paced action style. The controls are natural feeling and responsive allowing you to jump up, left, right and on the diagonal, but you can’t jump down – an unfortunate inability in some instances. Successful play stems from being quick, but observant as most levels require Jake to find an item (or ten) and not just simply make it to the top of the building without being caught or bludgeoned with falling objects.

Just Funny Games deserves some kudos for creating a unique storyline and cut scenes as well as packaging the game with great graphics and sound. The included tutorial mode is quick and easy and lets players jump right in. Jake Escapes HD is a complete package that provides a different, but comfortable feel and has some longevity and replay value to boot.

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