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Video Guitar Lessons, Backing Tracks, Tuner, & Chords Chords (AppStore Link)
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Video Guitar Lessons, Backing Tracks, Tuner, & Chords Chords
Developer: JamPlay, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

JamPlay Guitar PackJust as the best chefs and hunters know to use every part of the animal, so too must the best developers use every part of the iPhone—the microphone, accelerometer, touch screen, you name it. By this standard alone, JamPlay Guitar Pack for iPhone is at the top of the class, and it’s all in service of teaching you to play guitar like a pro.

JamPlay Guitar Pack is loaded with multimedia features, including a tuner, a metronome, backing tracks, libraries of chords and scales, and a wide assortment of video content. The videos include about eighty lessons, divided into exercises and “licks & riffs.” The lessons alone are worth the price of admission, and JamPlay promises that more video content is on the way, including fun stuff like music videos, interviews, and “shredisodes” with studio musicians.

If all this content has you worried that there isn’t enough room in your iPhone’s memory, don’t be. All of the videos are streaming, so the download size is just over nine megabytes. This also allows JamPlay to update the video library without having to release updates to the app. It’s a good approach. All the same, it does mean that much of this app will be unusable without a reliable 3G or WiFi connection. Ideally, future versions of this app will allow users the option to download videos for offline viewing.

The JamPlay app is of course associated with the well-respected online guitar lesson website, JamPlay.com. If you’re already a fan of the site, the introductory cost of this app is well below the cost of JamPlay membership, which should make it an easy sell. Fortunately, the developers opted not to rest on the JamPlay.com laurels. JamPlay Guitar Pack has a slick interface and intuitive navigation to go with the heaping servings of content.

JamPlay Guitar Pack is mostly for aspiring guitarists who want to learn to shred, jam, and generally show-off with epic Joe Satriani-style rockouts. If this doesn’t describe you, then JamPlay will still likely teach you a thing or two, as some of the backup tracks represent other genres like blues, funk, and surf. If you’re not sure, just check out JamPlay.com to see if their approach is right for you. If it is, JamPlay Guitar Pack for iPhone is highly recommended.

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