Jellyflop! is a Win for Fans of Physics Puzzles and Cute Animation

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Developer: Concrete Software, Inc.
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Jelly FlopWhen it comes to animated physics-based puzzle games, there are a few primary elements that must all come together for a good game. JellyFlop! by Concrete Software has that mix of elements.

Like Cut the Rope and similar games, Jellyflop! combines fun animation, sound and forgiving physics gameplay to give players a fun, but equally challenging experience. Jellyflop! features a rather adorable jellyfish who dreams of flying and so he collects feathers as he bounces his way across the game’s 100 different levels. The player’s objective is to collect water droplets and feathers to unlock subsequent worlds and levels.

JellyFlop! levels have varying degrees of difficulty and thus, present varying challenges. With five different worlds, the setting changes from beachside to jungle to raging volcano. All the while, different elements and obstacles come into play to make each level unique and slightly different from previous ones. To aid Jelly, players draw gooey jelly lines for him to bounce on – making sure the desired distance and trajectory is achieved. One of Jellyflop’s best elements is how the previous flight pattern remains on screen making precision adjustments a breeze. If players can collect the feather, the next level is unlocked.

While Jellyflop! allows rapid advancement through levels and worlds by simply earning each level’s feather, collecting water droplets is an extra challenge with its own reward. Apparently our jellyfish friend has a thing for hats and as you collect water droplets, more hats become available. Players can swap out hats, having Jelly don a top hat, beret and multitudes of other styles as desired. Though there’s a separate area for hat-swapping, Jelly keeps the selected hat on in-game.

The physics mechanics in Jellyflop! are entertaining at times. Bordering on realistic, but often taking liberties, Jelly will bounce and flop and sometimes get stuck in perpetual motion or bounce higher and higher straight up and off screen for seconds or even minutes at a time if you wait long enough. There is a “stop” button that can be deployed at any time to restart the level and stop perpetual motion, but you cannot add additional jelly lines once the level is put in play. And of course you’re only granted a fixed amount of jelly to use to complete each level.

With colorful animation, fun sound effects and background music and forgiving gameplay, JellyFlop! is both enjoyable and appropriate for a wide range of ages and skill levels. Jellyflop! offers fans of these types of games a high return for the investment by offering an entertaining and fun physics-based puzzle game with pleasant animation and good replay and challenge value as well. A great addition to the genre, Jellyflop! is more of a win than a flop.

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