Jumble! Xmas holiday fun

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Jumble Xmas for iPhoneThe holiday season is upon us. Game developers are already to woo gamers with special versions of their traditional games. Cavemaker is one of the many developers to take a stab at the holiday segment. Jumble! Xmas is a game of skill like Tetris, and Topple where players must stack their way out of each level using various shapes with a limited amount of time. Jumble! Xmas has players stacking all kinds of holiday items from stuffed reindeer and red candles, champagne bottles, martini glasses and food items like carrots and pies.

When you start Jumble you can’t help but notice how complete the game feels. There is a great visual presentation with 3D icons and falling snow. The music isn’t bad either. The soundtrack leads you in as if you were in a dream or a on a magical journey to a far away land. There are eleven levels of game play that range from mildly easy to downright difficult.

While playing Jumble! Xmas might not be so easy, navigating it is a different story. This game is truly user friendly. There is a help page that’s pretty detailed and offers charts and easy to digest instructions on game play. Make a mistake within Jumble and lose an object and large captioned text appears.

There are so many things Jumble! Xmas does well, but there are a few possible points of improvement. Currently, users can change the volume of the music, sound FX, and tilt control. But sometimes controlling the pieces isn’t smooth enough. There is a button in each level that allows you to rotate an object but it would be much easier if you could simply do it with two fingers. Jumble! Xmas is great as a single player game but would definitely snag a few more fans for the brand if it were two player. It’s also missing the option to save high scores and leave your name.

Despite these hangs ups Jumble! Xmas is a remarkably fun and exciting game of skill that will definitely have you check out the regular version of the game. The Jumble standard edition offers three themes and forty levels of action that might keep you busy until holiday season next year. Jumble! Xmas is in the App Store for 99 cents and it’s worth every penny.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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