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Developer: Michael Badichi
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jumimouse-iphoneJumiMouse Plus enables near total control of your PC. For Windows machines a user can control the mouse, enter text, or take over other programs.

JumiMouse works well at working as a touch-mouse remote for a computer, which is an ideal way to control things such as media playback or simple scrolling. Getting started involves both downloading the iPhone app from the App Store as well as a free download from the JumiTech web site. There is a scroll bar on the right side of the screen for quickly scrolling through pages.

There are two types of keyboards for entering text; the standard iPhone keyboard or a Windows-centric that fills the entire screen. While it is nice to have these commands it makes for some pretty small keys. And making it work by continually checking back and forth with the monitor is not exactly ideal.

Where JumiMouse separates itself from the pack is in acting as a remote desktop client. While it is a cool feature, it is extremely difficult to control. Even if there is a function that you want your PC to complete, it may be less frustrating to just wait until you get back in front of it.

However, this feature presents the most potential as an iPad app. According to the JumiTech site this is forthcoming. The additional screen real estate available on the iPad could make this an ideal solution for controlling more complex applications from the iPad while away from a computer. Should this come to fruition it may definitely be one worth keeping an eye on.

Should you wish to give JumiMouse a trial run before committing to the full version there is a free version of JumiMouse in the App Store that does not contain the keyboard feature.

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