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JumiCam Webcam streamer
Developer: Michael Badichi
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

jumicam iphoneJumiCam is an application that allows you to view webcam footage streaming from your home PC to your iPhone. It works with the Jumi Controller, which you have to install on your PC (not available for Mac yet).

I was skeptical over trying JumiCam because many times apps that work with your computer over Wi-Fi fail miserably or at least require a major song and dance to get it working properly. To my amazement JumiCam was a relatively pleasant surprise.

To test JumiCam’s functionality, I decided to use it in the most practical sense. After installing the JumiCam app on my iPhone and the Jumi Controller from, the app performed just as it promised. It instantly recognized my computer and the web cam transmission was actually decent. No worse and no better than Skype, but provided a relatively good video stream without horrible lag.

Affirming that JumiCam would function while iPhone and computer were on the same wireless network, I decided to walk to the neighbor’s house. After all, how practical would it be to have a remote camera in your pocket when visiting neighbors? Seriously, you could leave a sleeping toddler or a miscreant puppy tucked safely away at home while you jet next door for a quick conversation and cup of coffee. I assumed that once the iPhone was out of range of my wireless I would lose the transmission, but it remained – if only slightly more laggy than before. Granted, watching my dog sleep didn’t provide much action, but the video stream remained.

A little research on JumiCam turns up a few complaints about using JumiCam on a different network than the JumiController, but the key may be in selecting the right box during set up to enable locating the device. It also seems that Jumi Tech support is fairly on the ball about providing troubleshooting if you find it not working on different networks. If it had been too technologically intrusive or complicated, I doubt I would have given it the time of day, but as it is, JumiCam is surprisingly easy to set up and use.

Given that JumiCam functions just fine with an iPhone on the same network, there are many uses for it. A nanny cam is what first comes to mind, but I’m sure there are other less scrupulous options. Based on my limited experiment with walking to the neighbors (which resulted in my iPhone switching to 3G), it seems JumiCam is not as location limited as I first suspected. There is no sound transmission, so it doesn’t interfere with phone calls either. Can a five-dollar app really give you constant monitoring of your home while you’re away? Maybe. I’m not sure how reliable it is the more mobile you become and I suspect it may hinge on your wireless home network among other factors, but for simple uses in and around the home, I’d say it’s a winner.

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  • Leah Morrison

    ED's Tech Update Stream Video from PC to iPhone with JumiCam #PC #tech #news

  • michael

    on most routers it will work with 3g just out-of-the box.
    some routers will require you to set up port-forwarding manually for remote access to work.
    the help on the website explains about this, and if you want specific per-router instruction you can contact the support email specifying your router model and make. they answer the same day.

  • KrakenSkulls

    This app works great, no doubt about that, you can easily view your usb webcam remotely (multiple ones too i think) WITH sound (if you have it on the cam or a mic set up); turning a $10 crappy webcam into a $200 ip camera. it also lets you view the desktop! i was close to buying this but...

    i just dont trust the jumicontroller application. period. it hacks your startup settings aggressively like java/quicktime/adobe/itunes does, and when you deselect "run on startup" it still does! It's difficult to remove. also, it seems to do some sketchy phone-home type stuff, NOT something i want in an app that has a direct line to my personal webcams! I cannot specify what it was doing, but I did see some activity while closely monitoring my network.

    In the end i will keep looking, which is a shame because it works well and the multitude of other jumi apps are useful too. if they offered a super-trimmed down version that didn't require the controller, or offered some alternative to that software i'd pay twice what they want. as it is, I'm concerned about security and I won't support software that annoyingly "sticks" in your startup.

  • Jennifer Beam

    I should correct that there IS sound, but it only works while running on the same WiFi (couldn't get it to work when switching to 3G) @Kraken, did you deselect the box during install of the Jumi controller that says "run at startup'? I made sure I did and it doesn't appear in the start up list and haven't noticed anything wonky, but I also haven't tried uninstalling it. I'll have to check it out closer as security should be an important issue.

  • Steven

    The application performed was promised. He immediately recognized my computer and web cam transmission has been decent. Neither worse nor better than Skype, but always a video sequence relatively well without horrible lag.

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  • KrakenSkulls

    No I dont think so during install because i figured id need it running all the time to be a true netcam. the problem arose when i tried to deselect that in the options and it ignored me on reboot. i uninstalled it months ago and just today foudn some leftover garbage in my registry! (broken references trying to start it up again). The JumiSuite of apps is plentiful but they dont really offer anything you cant find elsewhere. file this one under "want to love" :) YMMV

  • Gadgetguy

    I found jumi to be the best app so far especially on the new hd logitech cam watch full hd video no lag. I tried from my families house 50km away didnt miss a beat.also connects to any external home security ip cameras so you can really set a fortress up.with external home cams you can also remote control the camera moving it left right up or down adjust volume resolution and record.for $5 you can't go wrong.

  • Kathy

    Why won't it wakeup my pc as promised