Jungle Adventure Free Educational Kid's Game is a Wild Colorful Way to Learn

Jungle Adventure: Free educational kid’s game (AppStore Link)
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Jungle Adventure: Free educational kid’s game
Developer: emeeyou GmbH
Price: free Download on the App Store

Jungle Adventure Educational Kids Game for iPadJungle Adventure: Free Educational Kid’s Game is an interesting app that will take your children on a jungle adventure to find exotic and wildly colorful animals of all shapes and sizes.

Jungle Adventure  aims to teach young children basic counting, picture naming and object assembly skills. The developers at Emeeyou teamed with a clinical psychologist to support child development by delivering engaging games and exercises. The apps’ own research has shown the 31 to 45 percent of children improve on their various skills after a few weeks of using the app.  

Jungle Adventure is set in a fun-filled jungle. A friendly tour guide will ask your child to identify certain animals by name or by color, such as "one yellow lion" or "two snapping crocodiles." Parents can use the settings to adjust the difficulty level according to their child's age or experience.

The app has a wonderful palate of colors and is beautiful to look at, especially on the new version of the iPad, which has fantastic resolution. The page also comes alive with sounds and animations that entice children to interact and keep them engaged.

I had my daughter use Jungle Adventure and she was immediately excited to try out the app and started laughing and clapping before we even started. She is not quite two yet, so most of the games were just a bit beyond her development level, but she was able to enjoy the music and creative illustrations that Jungle Adventure had to offer.

Overall, I thought Jungle Adventure: Free Educational Kid's Game was well designed with beautiful colors and animals. If your child finds the app as fun and interesting as my daughter did, the free version of Jungle Adventure might not be enough to satisfy his or her needs. My daughter ran through the three stages of the free version of Jungle adventure very quickly and wanted to play more.

Jungle Adventure: Free Educational Kid's Game  is a great way to test out the app, however the full version for $1.99 will keep your child entertained and learning for much longer. I liked the app, my daughter loved it. At the end of the day, I guess it is her stamp of approval that really matters.

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