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Jungle Bloxx™
Developer: RockYou, Inc.
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jungle-bloxx-iphone-appJungle Bloxx - From their early titles like Chocolate Shop Frenzy to their most recent, Digital Chocolate is becoming somewhat of a giant in the way of App Store games. Many of their games, like Crazy Penguin Catapult and 3D Brick Breaker Revolution have become fast favorites of many users.

Their recent release of Jungle Bloxx is a simple, fun, puzzle style game that is supported by features expected of Digital Chocolate; including nicely animated graphics, supporting story line, cut scenes, and good sound.

Jungle Bloxx is a puzzle adventure game that spans 90 levels of hunting for the mythical city of El Dorado. The journey consists of block breaking puzzles, where players attempt to free a diamond from a block structure in as few moves as possible. Unique blocks, such as fire, ice, and extra time, keep the game pace challenging and with so many levels, intermittent match three mini-games, and the ability to replay any level for a higher score, game play and entertainment value is completely solid.

For each level of Jungle Bloxx you are presented with a block structure with a gem resting on one of the blocks. Tapping individual blocks will cause the block to react according to the type of block it is and will change the structure of the block tower. Your objective is to get the gem down to the podium that the block tower is built upon in a minimum number of moves.

Prior to the start of each level, the fewest moves possible, along with the minimum number of moves to complete the level are displayed. When the level is finished, you will be awarded a gold medal if you freed the gem in the fewest possible moves, and if not, one of the animated monkeys will tell you how many moves it should have taken. You can then advance to the next level or retry it for the best score. Other achievements, such as finding hidden relics and unlocking ancient tombs are also included.

The only draw back to Jungle Bloxx is a slower-than-average load time, even for such a large game. The annoyingly disproportionate heroine of the story is a female version of Indian Jones and is a bit much, but she’s hardly the game’s focus and the monkeys more than make up for it. Aside from this, you get a very extensive game that is both fun and simple to play, yet challenging to complete. Be sure to poke the monkeys for some added amusement.

If you’re not sure if Jungle Bloxx is your kind of game, remember Digital Chocolate always offers a free, limited version to try before you buy and Jungle Bloxx Lite will give you a sufficient idea of how it all plays out.

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