Justyourtrip New York Turns Your iPhone into a Tour Guide

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Justyourtrip New York for iOSThe rough economy has definitely made its mark on travel. One solution to the problem of not having all that much money has been the infinitely depressing “staycation.” The other, better way to do it is to make traveling a lot cheaper. Justyourtrip New York belongs in the second camp. If you can get to New York City, and scrape together enough loose change to feed yourself and sleep somewhere, Justyourtrip New York will take care of all the touristy sight-seeing things on your agenda.

The heart of Justyourtrip New York is the Walking Tour section of the app. By cleverly combining the GPS and audio playback features of the iPhone, this app has made the flesh-and-blood tour guide all but obsolete. First, the user chooses from 10 pre-programmed walking tours. Next, the built-in map feature will show how to get to the beginning of the tour. From there, it’s just a matter of following the walking instructions to the famous places, then listening to the recorded snippets about each place. It’s like an audio tour of a museum, but for an entire city. Some of the tour titles include, “A Ghost Story,” “Sex and the City,” and “New York in a Day”-- so there’s something for everyone. This feature alone makes Justyourtrip New York more than worth the price.

What’s great about Justyourtrip is that the developers didn’t stop there. You can also use the app to discover attractions all over New York, organized into categories like Eating, Nightlife, Accommodation, and Useful Info. The app will also display events going on in the city on any particular day, complete with subway routes on how to get there. There are other thoughtful additions as well, such as the offline maps feature for when your battery is low or you have poor 3G reception. Justyourtrip clearly aims to be the only app a visitor in New York will need.

Beyond its functionality, Justyourtrip New York is an attractive app, to boot. The interface is easy to navigate, and its full of high-quality photos of all the destinations on the walking tours. The menus within the app have a nice brushed metal look, and they even bothered to find decent voice actors for the audio recordings.

The only area in need of improvement is the quality of the writing, both in the introduction to the app and also in some of the tours. Sticklers for concise, organized writing will find both of these to ramble a little bit, and repeat themselves occasionally. There’s also a feature or two missing, such as the ability to display distances as miles instead of kilometers.

These minor faults notwithstanding, Justyourtrip New York is an excellent travel app, recommended for anyone planning a trip to New York, or even possibly for any New York natives who want to get a better handle on their home town. While Justyourtrip New York is the only Justyourtrip title available in the US App Store, we can only hope the developer will add apps for many more cities.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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    ★AppCraver Justyourtrip New York Turns Your iPhone into a Tour Guide http://bit.ly/gGdMhL

  • andrew

    I downloaded this app. It's 570 mbytes!! Needed some patience...

    It's plenty of good information and the audio routes seem to be funny and different. It includes restaurant menus.

    Must test it down in the streets of New York.

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    Hello everyone!

    Justyourtrip wants to let you know that we are about to launch Justyoutrip-London. It will be available from April 7th.



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    It's official!! Justyourtrip-London is available on iTunes. Enjoy more than 200 audio points, 1,230 restaurants and remember, no roaming needed!