Kaleidoscope is a Gorgeous Adaptation of the Original Toy

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

If you like to look at pretty things you could go out and get yourself a collector's edition kaleidoscope for around a thousand bucks. Or you could buy Kaleidoscope for $1.99 and use the rest of the money to frame your fancy new artwork.

Kaleidoscope from PosiMotion is awesome because you can use any photo from your picture library as the foundation for all sorts of new images.

There are three modes: manual, automatic and freeze.

  • Using manual mode you tilt iPhone to change the view just like rotating the tube of the popular handlheld toy.
  • Automatic allows you to sit back and watch ... cycling through the multi-colored motifs while you listen to Dark Side of the Moon and look for patterns of your own.
  • Freeze is great for getting a screen capture. Get the kaleidoscope positioned just so hit freeze and click, click you've got art!

If you're unsure whether this app is for you, then you can try out Kaleidoscope Lite for free, but it's missing the bells and whistles that make this app more than just a novelty. There's only one mode -- manual -- which makes it tough to capture the perfect screenshot and you can't access your photo library.

Kaleidoscope proves that simple ideas can be some of the best. So, I recommend splurging. Go on spend the money; you're worth it ... and so is this great little program.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Allison

    I like iMajiCam's kaleidoscope setting better because it allows you to create your image live rather than upload a photo and see what you get. iMajiCam has a free version and it's got some pretty awesome bells and whistles which I won't mention here because they aren't part of the kaleidoscope feature. Check it out!